NBA Live Mobile - Ancestry not unlocking and plays not registering

Traits not unlocking and plays not registering? I'm alive on get all acceptable ancestry for my Slasher. So for Bolt and Finish, it shows I completed aggregate in Rank 3, but it's actually not apart also it's the dejected icon.
Same for No Foul, Awning Driver, Streaker, also it seems like my NBA Live Coins for sale plays aren't registering for the traits... I've been cutting to relief them all.
I don't apperceive how abounding times I've done a footfall aback attempt and yes it's hardly registering to my traits.
Am I missing something or perhaps is there something using the settings? Aswell can be something that still shows your plays afterwards you ability 100 in achievement within a game?
Playing through my 2nd division Slasher Akin 60 / Role: Superstar / LVL 30 inside the Alliance - LVL 50 within the Streets.
Does anybody abroad feel as if the adventurous has finished saturated with fable players? Every aggregation now could be just abounding of allegorical players resulting in no currently alive players.
At atomic to me it can make the adventurous a bit beneath fun. I apperceive I could play H2H for the but its fun arena ultimate aggregation with in reality acceptable alive players in addition to their appropriate cards against arena that has a agglomeration of retired players.
I anticipate it's added of your abridgement of accepted amateur elites. We basically alone accept totw along with a few playstyle elites.
For allegory Madden releases 2 legends per anniversary plus a lot added accepted players through annual promos and melancholia programs. For some acumen LUT has aught melancholia programs.
There are several TOTW and Playstyle players (these accept being new, hadn't noticed aristocratic playstyle players before) which can be on par with Legends, like 89 Leonard and 88 Butler.
Also, masters Wall, Steph and Russ are 90s. And I accept adept players to the added positions will probably be appear too. And apparently TOTW and Playstyle players will college overalls.
But anyway, all-embracing doesn't consistently ascertain how acceptable a player's stats are or how able-bodied he plays. My 86 Giannis is godly.
My 91 Unseld has worse stats than 88 Seikaly and abounding worse than 88 Shaq. And my 89 Schayes may accept top Column Moves and Finishing, but offensively he could be meh and misses too frequently of NBA Live Mobile Coins.
And I apperceive that you've not mentioned overalls with your OP, nevertheless for abounding humans they may be the alone affair that determines who makes their starting 5.

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