MY…believe! YOUR…believe!! OUR…believes!!!

“We are like eggs at any circumstances…and we cannot continue to go indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.” – fah.tai      Culled: C.S. Lewis


What we see comes from that which we do not see… Courtesy: The science of Mind

Cogently, spiritual power is ours by birthright. It exists as an unbroken whole, cannot be diminished, and not be augmented. When we speak offhand about growing in power, or gaining mastery over spiritual processes, it’s shortened for our becoming aware of the power that we manage, and managing it consciously and purposefully. If we accept the proposition that the universe is one integral system, with everyone and everything in it somehow a part of everyone and everything else, then the next step is to bring our everyday thoughts and desires around to the place of really recognizing this unity.


For the sake of this dialogue, let us agree to disagree that tentatively our (MYO…believe) is a paradox.

A paradox as defined is a point of view assembled by linking two apparently contradictory yet valid statements.


Do you know…that the Earth was created in six (6) days and is a countable number of years (X…?) old, is a belief held by those who accept the ‘Pentateuch’ or ‘Torah’ literally, while others (some)see it as a metaphor? Food for thought!


But, instinctively, some interesting numerical consideration comes into play that support the story (myth…?) being a record (man-made) not of what happened, but of what is always happening as per our limitation (as human being)an eternal creating process based on our “believes.” Food for thought!


Now let’s look at the creation and evolution phenomenon: The facts and not the friction if I may…

First, let me ask the following:  if you have to ‘vote’ between question…A and …B what will be your choice?

          A.…A more adorable God; one who creates a world, drops it off, and then goes away to heaven, from whence to judge its inhabitants as sadly lacking…or

            B.…One that is the very essence of creation, within every form and every potential, unendingly accessible re-creative, and co-creative …?

Pause & think! Now go back and read the questions again & again. Now! you can make your choice…Food for thought!


The truth of the matter is that the prospect of evolution does not diminish or dishonor GOD…as influenced by our “faith.” Instinctively, just as things change, they automatically adopt. We’ve evolved and adopted infancy to adulthood while we adapt to our changing environment, whether we lived in the East…West…North…or South of the continent. Food for thought!

They and we were not only built, but built to last and to thrive with or without our man-made (myth…) RELIGION. Food for thought!


Scientifically we know the very planet we ride on has its built-in sensor to regulate its various systems in sea, land, and air… just like our own system. Pause & think!


God (The Almighty…Omnipotent…)-as-the universe is very much ‘alive’ and on the scene furnishing through unerring laws of nature a compensatory response to every thought…every word…and every act from ‘within’ those, as those. Pause & think! Food for thought!


Whether U & I agree or disagree, (our prerogative) the facts still remain that: D one God that …d Hebrew called - Aloha or; Elohim…d English called – God…d Arabs called – Allah etc. and ‘his’ creation – Universe… d body of God is a logical and necessary outcome of the ‘infinite self-knowing “Almighty- GOD” not the made-made label that separate us (U&I) as one ‘human’ being…


To Almighty…GOD be d glory!


In a nutshell:

As a courtesy and common practice; when we pray, let’s remember that we do not have to invent the desired ‘LOVE,’ just create a mold into which it will fit.


As always;


(Ahimsa) advocates

Prince (Arc.) F.K.O.Bakare

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