One night as I slept, I had a dream. Nigeria's exported goods had
exceeded $500 billion in one year. Niger oil, for cars, was being sold
globally and rated one of the best. Industries across the nation were
seeking skilled workers from all over the world. Companies couldn't find
enough employees. Nigerians were returning home from the West in
multitude. The lifespan of the average Nigerian was 80 yrs. Foreign
nationals were coming to Nigeria for the best medical treatments. For a
decade no violent crimes had been committed. Many public
servants,including governors, were serving time in prisons, for
embezzlement. Nigeria's revenue from international investments, in the
West, was estimated to exceed $2 trillion dollars. One naira was
equivalent to one dollar. Food was so much in abundance that obesity was
becoming a problem. All police officers, on the streets were mobile,
well equipped and respected the people and laws. Many new houses were
powered with solar energy. There was 24 hours electric power supply and
when one village was out of power for more than 2 hours, the Energy
company came on TV to apologize. Once a pothole was reported to the
government hotline, within 4 hours, it was repaired. A judge was
awaiting trial for accepting a 10,000 naira bribe from an undercover,
law enforcement agent. Schools were graduating scientists that were in
demand worldwide. Nigeria was admitted into the 8 most powerful nations
on earth. Cures for many diseases were being discovered by Nigerian
doctors and research institutions. Nigeria's export was exceeding its
import greatly. From North to South, there were so many inter-ethnic
marriages and religion was no longer a factor. A great, united nation
stood tall.

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