Let me begin my philosophy from the genesis of politics in Nigeria.In the era of our successor or predeccessor the seed of Nigeria problem was sown, unimpeachable the problem of this country can be traced to the action and strategies our predeccessor had played in the past.

The genesis of Nigeria problem started from the fight for Nationalism and patriotism, when our hero join hands together to seek for independence from their colonial master,successf­ully they gained independence after fighting an ad infintum war, but oblivion to them that independence is not a guarantee for peace and development. The ­colonial masters who were aware of what to happen in the future to comes,ask them no how to govern themselves when given the mandate to rule themselves,the eagerness and toast of independence made them to bluff the colonial master that Nigerians are one living under one umbrella,they came up with a slogan to convince thier colonial masters saying "unity we stand,divide we fall". The slogan truely convince their master and gain us independence.

Some year later the problem of who to rule the nation arose. The sources in politics capture the eyes of different tribe in Nigeria resulting in disagreement and conflict making politics position a do or die affair. Nigerians who were brother and sisters irrespective of their tribe during colonial administration become enemies instantaneously after acquiring independence. Confusion begins to create way for war but they kept fooling our forefather that Nigerians are one,some times interval after independence bloodshed begins claiming life of our eligible patriotism leader like Alhaji sir Abudakar Tafawa Balewa,Brigadie­r General murtala mohammed,late kudirat Abiola and many others.
The inability of civilian ruler to maintain peace and order in controlling the affair of the state pave way for khaki men to come to power promulgating decree to enforce and implement their order compounding the problem of the country. The military ruler excerbate the situation,becom­ing dictatorship leaders. The coming of military ruler made some Nigeria elite to flew away to colonial country to keep their life,the elite who could use their mentality to develop this country flew to foreign land to develop their country with dignity,leaving ­ illiterate and unskilled men behind their problem. The bloodshed was multiply by the military ruler, although in their first coming they maintain peace but later become a beast looking for who to devour,corrupte­d and carrying their action in erupted manners setting the country in leadership plight.

In january 15,1966 Nigeria experience his first civil war claiming life and property. The devastation state made some military leaders to resolute with pledge to return Nigeria to a pacific state. There promises was just a human promises which was just fulfil until Gen murtala mohammed decided to fulfil it,unfortunatel­y for him if was murdered in 1976 by the evil genius. The seed of Assassination,corruption,maladministration,se­lfishness, indiscipline to sow in political system.

After series of combat,Nigeria was restore to democratic state under the Ambassador of poverty chief olusegun obasanjo,A man who come to power with his unkempt minds to rule the nation in a nasty way but sincerely writting little peace and development was acquired during his era. He fulfil the promises of his predeccessor of returning Nigeria to civilian rule with his military brain of still having hands in politics after abdicating office. Some days to vacate office he abdicate his responsibility and become more dictatorship than his counterpart,the ­ last straw that broke the back of the camel is the abject action which vacating the position which make him the most folly man in the political system ruling with disdain. He willingly increase the price of fuel for his selfish interest.

In 2007,nigerian were congratulating themselve that nigeria will become a democratic country for the first time ever since,cutting out the hands of khaki men away from politics. Truely military are no more in power but they are still behind politics. Most nigerian belief the glory of the country will be restore when the sickle cell man was announce the winner of the election not knowing that the problem of the country has begins in another dynamic dimension of corruption and selfishness. During the time of his illness his cabinet and some states goverment were opportune to embezzle money and clean up their mouth. They deceives us for sometime before declaring his death, the declaration of his death create room for another incompetent leaders. The newly administration under president jonathan which is regard as the worst administration so far,it was during his time that Nigeria record the greatest record of bloodshed,corruption,manipulation,Assassinati­on,kidnapping and boko haram.

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