As in for me, Bakare is a replacement of what was long gone, it seem like yesterday, great times are not meant to be forgotten, what am i talking about?, yes, the man Idiagbon. I feel the replacement is a perfect one, just imaging what Nigeria will be when BUHARI/BAKARE are voted in. Nowadays, name is just name, people do not follow the purpose. My fear is not Jonathan but his godfathers, the kacus PDP, Jonathan is only a cover for them, he is a picture to make Nigerians believe he is the Messiah

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Comment by oguaju prisca on April 30, 2011 at 2:25am
ur fear is as good as mine,i will be prayin for him that the lord will give him wisdom to lead us well,to always discard their evil intention,make he no fall hand abeg.

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