The benefits of the Muscadine grape seed are nothing Keto Belly Burn Review  less that miraculous. There have been numerous studies on the muscadine grapes that show very promising results. But do you know the history of the Muscadines  The first European settlers of the New World where first introduced to the Muscadine grapes and their health benefits from Native Americans.

This wild-growing grape was found in wooded areas of the southeastern United States in abundance. It has been theorized that over 400 years ago the first settlers planted what we now call "The Mother Vine" which is found in North Carolina.

Independent laboratory tests show that muscadine grape seeds contain very high levels of natural antioxidants. The Muscadine grape seeds combination of Resveratrol, Resveratrol Metabolites and other phenolic compounds, such as Ellagic Acid, OPCs, and Quercetin, is what makes the Muscadine grapes such an important daily regimen. These grapes are a must for your overall health because of their ability to fight off free radicals.

So what are free radicals Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd number of electrons. Free radicals break down healthy human tissues. This process is called oxidation, which is the same process that causes iron to rust or causes an apple to turn brown.So where do free radicals come from Smoking, stress, sunlight, pesticides, herbicides, pollution, drinking water with chlorine in it, medications, food additives, x-rays, and airborne emissions just to name a few. Today we live in the most polluted environment in history and it does affect our health and well being.

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