Currency in every country is very important and highly respected by the country’s citizenry. The currency which is usually a legal tender must be respected and handled with care in every society. A country’s currency might and or might not be a legal tender in another country based on the value of the currency to the other country’s currency. For instance, the naira is not a legal tender in the international market because it has been devalued. Hence the naira is and cannot be accepted in countries such the United State of America, Britain, United Arab Emirate etc. I can still remember then when my father used to tell me that in their time, there was something called the “SHILLINGS” and that the shilling was so appreciated that with one shilling, one can boast of a lot of things but this is not the case with the naira and not this not the case anymore since shillings is no longer one of Nigeria’s currency. As if enough damage has not been done to the naira already, the naira is not handled with the respect and care it deserves, that is why the naira can be sprayed during parties and even trampled on. This practice is not peculiar to the low class citizen alone; the so called elite are also culprit. In fact, the elite in most cases does this to show how wealthy they are. Another mishandling of the naira during parties is hawking it for people to buy in order to be sprayed while the celebrant dances; this usually attracts some profit for the seller. For example, if one buys a thousand naira worth of currency, N200 would be deducted from it, so you would be giving N8oo, this applies to all the different denominations. I was in Benin recently and was shocked at what I saw at the ring road. The naira was being displayed for sale just like every other commodity. The ring road is a place where all manners of people can be seen ranging from beggars, mentally deranged, sane, pocket pickers, uniform men to mention but a few. The question which readily came to mind at the sight was; are these men on uniform not seeing what is being displayed”? Or is it that they benefit in one way or the other from this business hence they turn blind eyes to it? Or is it that the display of the naira for sale just like every other commodity has been legalized by the government? Is this not further murdering of the naira????????? There were just numerous questions which I couldn’t find answers to. During the last administration, the issue of spraying of the naira notes at parties was deliberated on but that issue was abandoned by only God knows who and why. The government of the day should as a matter of urgency do something about this now that it has not become a trend in Nigeria by enforcing laws which forbids this kind of acts with severe punishment for offenders.

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Comment by salami ismail opeyemi on September 4, 2015 at 8:01am

nice one...

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