Naturally, the average Nigerian is culturally and traditionally sound. Despite the advent of westernisation, we still seem to hold on to some of our traditional values. One part of our culture that I find really interesting is our names. We believe that the name a person bears somehow plays a role in the kind of personality he/she will mould into. That is why we give names that have a positive meaning. A common example is Goodluck Jonathan. The man has just been lucky all his life. It is on record that all past appointments he has held just dropped on his lap, and we all know how he became Vice- and later, acting President.
Now spare this a thought, Lars Lagerback. Yes, Largerback. If anything about our intuitiveness is to go by, then this man could spell doom for us at the world cup. I'll break his name into its three syllables, Lag - er - back. Lag means to be at the back, to be behind, to trail....etc. Er denotes that the person is either thinking, or not so sure and we all know what back means.
But fear not, maybe the name lagerback means something positive in swedish!

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