Mr. President…What do U do when you know your enemy?

Very crucial statement made by President Jonathan regarding BOKO HARAM…

PLEASE assimilate!


According to President Jonathan: … “His most controversial statement on Boko Haram remains his declaration that the group has supporters within his government and that the danger the group has created is worse than during the 1960s civil war that killed more than a million people. He spoke on a Sunday at a church service in Abuja: “Some of them are in the executive arm of government, some of them are in the parliamentary/legislative arm of government, while some of them are even in the Judiciary,” he said, adding rather ominously that “Some of them are also in the armed forces, the police and other security agencies. Some continue to dip their hands and eat with you and you won’t even know the person who will point a gun at you or plant a bomb behind your house.”

Courtesy: Nigeria NATION Newspaper


Title:” Jonathan and Boko Haram battle”

Culled – Article by: Sam Egburonu

Dated: Aug.25th 2012


Response from a concerned Nigerian… Be my guest!


Mr. President…What do U do when you know your enemy?



Answer: Very simple and straight forward…crushed them.

Mr. President; all compromise as noted by Mahatma Gandhi is based on give and take, but there can be no give and take on “fundamentals.” Any compromise on more fundamentals’ is surrender for it is all give and no take. Period!


In order to beat your enemy, you most first know your enemy. Evidently, according to the speech given at a church service in Abuja; Mr. President knew his ‘enemy.’ Why the fuss? We (Nigerians) need to know. Does it mean the President is siding with the enemy (unknown inside– terrorist?) in order to team his capabilities? We (Nigerians) need to know.


Let me be blunt as usual…Mr. President; “they want your job- (Coup d’état) period. The question is what do you do when you know your enemy?


“If you know your enemy and know yourself you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gain you will also suffer a defeat. And if you knew neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Courtesy: Military genius – Sun Tzu.


Now let’s break down the scenario according to Sun Tzu theory between Mr. President and his (Known – enemies) cabinets and their weapon – Boko Haram


Mr. President if you know yourself and sure of yourself as a commander-in-Chief and caretaker of (over 150m –citizen) our beloved nation but not the enemies (the insider – cowardice…hypocrites…traitors… supporters of BH), chances are for every victory, whether you compromise or not you always going to suffer a defeat and if possible lose your seat. So why are you holding back? What do you get to lose?


Mr. President: If you know neither yourself nor your enemy as proclaimed, there’s 150% chances that you’re doomed. You might well resign and call it quit. At least you know why. I’m sure that’s not in your lexicon.


In other words, you will win every battle if you know your enemy’s strength, weakness and tactics in addition to your own gut feeling - only if you know yourself. So also if you don’t understand your enemy or confused about them, you probably win half of the battle or less.


Mr. President :( commander-in-chief) remember once again that compromise as they say; makes a good umbrella but not a roof. It’s ok in party politics but unwise in statesmanship of your caliber – President of a nation.


It started to look like give and no take because you just decided to arrange a meeting with your enemy (Known and unknown – insider) in your own cabinets.  Knowing fully their motives…Your seat!

(Food for thought)


Mr. President: THEY WANT YOUR JOB (Coup d’état)? What do you do when you know your enemy…?            

Mr. President; the house is leaking, you need a creative solution and not a ‘dialogue’ with the unknown enemy…


Evidently the problem is not about ‘Moslem’ or ‘Christian.’ It’s really about leadership. Is about governance…it’s about group of people (insider (s)…) who want to plan Coup d’état (modern style) to overthrown your government using the best available resources at their disposal.


Solution: You need to destroy your enemy right now before they destroy not only you but your legacy. The luxury of destroying an enemy is an art that few people were able to successfully master.

(Food for thought)


“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making mistake, says Napoleon Bonaparte, Boko Haram’s mistakes are written all over in plain ‘black & white’.  Mr. President: Why are you walking in the shadow of death when you have the whole country on your side? WHY? WHY? Mr. President.


Mr. President: wake-up and smell the coffee while is still hot…Wake-up! It’s not about ‘Moslem’ or ‘Sharia’ nor ‘western Education’…It’s about your seat…


Altogether let me close my goodwill dialogue with a statement from Thomas Jefferson: “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

You must act …NOW!

Long Live Nigeria…

As always;

To GOD be d GLORY!


Prince ‘lasun

Peace! Shalom!! Salaam!!!

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