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A proto-type of Mercedes vito Obama was Taken in by British Government       

When Barack Obama touched down in Germany,his first stop of his  European tour,he was basically treated like Hitler in Berlin in the 30s when all the Germans loyalist would left behind even their old Moms and Dads on the sick beds to catch a glimpse of the German god who they adores so much..


The senator from Illinois presence in the German capital was taken very highly by the German authority. The German government had deployed hundreds of polizei to provide security for the hundred of thousands of charismatic Obama’s enthusiasts who came out to Berlin Garden and waited for hours to listen and to adores the black US presidential candidate.


There in Germany, races or color was totally irrelevant, the Brandenburg-Gate’s visitor was conveyed in a  prestigious mercedes-Limo probably the same the German Kaiser would have been taken in.  The Germans has demonstrated and proved their good spirit of the today Deutschvorks and that the Nazis past superiority propagandas has not been embraced by the post-gestapo state new generations.


In France,the French president was very delighted to received Mr Obama in  the Elysée palace. They both spoked to the press for some minutes and cracked jokes together before the television and all the admirers who were keen to hear Obama in his typical African-American abscent just like Martin-Luther king jr briefing the press in Menphise.

Mr Sarkozy, the French president no doubt has a great admiration for mr Obama, realising the senator’s potential politically and the young Charming senator has been motivated also by Mr Salkozy’s braveness and the courages he has put forward during the French presidential campaign in 2007 which Sarkozy eventually won. I guess Mr Obama drawn some inspirations from the French leader, like saying, “if you can do it in France perhaps i too can do it in America”


The ecstatic mood the two young political intellectuals found themselves was obviously due to the fact that history was in the making in their names. Mr Salkozy has told the African-American visitor that both of their names sound the same, basically what he meant is that they both has a similar foreign names and background history - Obama is an African name in America and Sarkozy is a Hungarian name in France.


The French president though borned in France but has a Hungarian-Jew background. His whose parent migrated to France from Hungary after the cold war of the 40s. And Mr Obama’s father came to the US from Kenya to study when he met the white American lady who eventually gave birth to Obama in august 4th 1961


In Britain, the old-Darwin’s way must be exhibited because that’s what made them B r i t i s h. Barak Obama could feel the cold reception in London. There wasn't any sign of interest on the faces of the labour cabinets who has forced a fake smiles before the cameras after they had conspired to treat their visitor in a pretty much low-key reception.


The British prime minister, Gordon Brown, won’t welcome the product of University of Harward in a famous house in Britain instead he balled him up in a little known yard,isolated from the handful of Blacks outside the gate dying to feel the charming senator’s hand shakes and hugs. The democratic party nominee has managed to said a couple of lines through the iron fence to the press not to mention being conveying in a rolls-roys.


The British authority won’t convey the half-caste African-American who was highly rated than the Queen of England in Berlin as idol or in France where he was well received in the “ prestigious Elysee palace” where even personalities like Napoleon the great once hosted the Great Kaiser of Germany in the same type of vehicle the Queen of England uses.

Mr Gordon Brown, who was preoccupied and miserably frustrated over his inability to convince the British poeple so far that he is the right person not the young tori opposition whom the British cant wait to cast votes for to lead Britain,. Mr Brown was feeling the heats on him already like the British people telling him to leave, that they just can’t stand him even before the upcoming British election.


The British leader was probably jealous of Obama for that Great hospitality the senator has received from the German admirers in the heart of Berlin that the labour leader had deliberately assigned that mini-Van Bus meant for delivery purposes or parcels services to conveyed the political celebrity just to humiliate him before the goddamn world and probably to prove that there in Britain “they don’t give a damn about a young African-American running for the White house”


Very surprising few days later I was watching CNN and I noticed the exact type of mini-Van the British government took Obama in, being use to transfer the Serbian war-crime edictee, Radovan Karadzic, from the airport to the Prison yard in the Hague. I was in shock to learn that the British government has taken the senator’s visite to be the unwanted Robert Mugabe’s present in Britain who the British government hated so much that he would be conveys in a mini-Van Bus.   






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