Since the arrest of the former speaker of the house of representatives Mr Dimeji Bankole and his deputy Mr Nafada for corrupt practises involving billions of Naira, i've been asking myself some simple questions such as, if Mr Bankole won his re-election into the house,would he be standing trial today? The answer is a big NO! This scam would have been swept under the carpet and it will be business as usual while fellow Nigerians will continue to live in poverty in the middle of plenty. The EFCC while putting Mr Bankole on the stand should also look into the account books of the president of senate Mr David Mark who presided over the house of senate while Mr Bankole held sway at the lower house. It is unimaginable to think that while Bankole was swimming in billions at the lower house of the National Assembly, the upper house was begging for alms to survive. There is no iota of doubt that other members of the house of representatives took part in sharing the loot with Bankole, so all those involved should be named and shamed. The banks who loaned billions of Naira to a speaker of the house whose tenure in office was heading south should explain the reasons why such loan was indispensible to the house at that time. Mr Bankole maybe a patsy in the whole drama, other house members and bank officials had their hands soiled in the affair.

  The newly elected members of the National Assembly are warming up to rush to Abuja for yet another session of the house. Before they start any deliberation, they should ask themselves, what did the last legislature achieve during their time? What legacy do they want to leave behind for Nigerians when their tenure is up? If they don't take stock of what went wrong in the past, they'll not make any positive impact in the lives of Nigerians and their election will be likened to a stillborn baby.

  While Nigerians await the outcome of the trial, President Goodluck Jonathan should take his war on corruption to the next level (if at all he is sincere) by been transparent in every domain. Firstly, the Nigerian public should have assess through the internet to the exact monthly salary of ALL political office holders starting from the President to the local government councillor. The take home pay of President Barak Obama and other political office holders in all developed countries is a click-away on the net. Every information no matter how small is there in the public domain. Nigeria must not be an exception. Secondly, all major contractors handling government projects should be made to provide necessary information on the progress of work they're undertaking in their websites so Nigerians can see where their money is going and also take part in updating the government officials locked up in Abuja, government officials can't be everywhere at the same time but Nigerians are everywhere at all times. The last election was a testimony that the Nigerian people when called upon can report happenings in their locality at real time. This is participatory democracy, so the government of Nigeria should carry the people along in their fight against corruption in all aspects.

  Corruption is as old as Nigeria because of the unpatriotic politicians who ruled the country since independence, they're also responsible for the great divide in the mind of Nigerians, who continue to read ethnic or tribal meanings into every government statement and appointement. These leaders never saw the whole of Nigeria as their constituency, their eyes never went beyond their region, as a result all politicians see their position as a means of stealing the money that belonged to no known people. A time will come when the people can't take it no more and believe it, they'll let it all out on these thieves in political agbada.

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Comment by seun dada on June 21, 2011 at 8:21pm

It is somehow funny that we dont seem to realize that the whole Bankole show is merely meant to say that "If you are not in our good book, we will bring you down" shameful, Nigerian should start focusing on serious problems like power, health, roads and unemployment.

Is the system so messed up that someone can actually as a speaker loot so much. If so the the problem is surely not him but the system. Sincerely, I am so certain this is all another story to bring down a fine young man.

Comment by AGOR on June 20, 2011 at 4:22pm

Bros this write up may help you drive home your points.



The recent revelation, by an N.G.O that the presidency is blocking the investigation of the alleged corruption rocking the house of representative goes a long way to show clearly why corruption has persisted over time in this part of the world.

  Permit me, to state here that, corruption and other social vices as we see in this country is a chain of conspiracy by our elites beginning from number one person in government to the last man, as to enable them amass public wealth for themselves and their families as to create a gap between them and an ordinary Nigerians to enable them continually have influence over them.

      The above, largely account to why our rulers not leaders, pay lip service to the issue of fighting corruption. If not how do you explain that in 2007 about 70% of governors that served between 1999 to 2007 were accused of corruption and sharp practices, yet none was convicted. The out cry never goes beyond paper and radio publication, the best we hard from EFCC AND ICPC is that the matter was under investigation and that is how the matter dies never to be hard again.                                                       

As bad as it is, there is no  single individual with integrity in government today, I remember in 1993 when Babangida, order the then chairman of electoral body, to stop announcing the result of the election tag the fairest in the history of this country, he exhibited   integrity and went on with the announcement against the president order. What integrity, Can EFCC AND ICPC be bold enough to exhibit integrity by going against the order of the presidency to tell the public the out come of the investigation of the corruption rocking the house of representative?      

 One thing our elites should take note of is, the masses of this country may not have what it take to fight them, owing to the circumstances we found ourselves, but God must surly fight for us, and one day change things in our favors.

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