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Either you are living in a less populated area or overly populated area, you have fear of thieves. For example, if you have locked your house properly but the windows of your house are made of glass, it is easy for the thieves to break these windows with a hammer and enter into your house. Anyhow, if there are bars on the windows, thieves can also cut these bars with the help of an angle grinder. If you want to save your house from the thieves, you will have to make these opportunities difficult for the thieves. Here, experts of an assignment writing service will discuss the most effective ways to increase the security of your home.


Fit Secure Locks:

For the security of your home, you have to buy locks. Instead of buying low-quality locks, you should try to buy the best quality locks which are difficult to open without the original key. In the wooden doors, ‘Yale’ type locks are fitted by default. These types of locks have two or three screws and it is easy for the thieves to open these kinds of locks. Therefore, you should not rely on ‘Yale’ type locks and try to replace ‘Yale’ type locks with mortice locks because these locks are more secure. Along with securing your main door with secure locks, you should also secure your home by locking the windows.


Light Everything Up:

In most of the homes, the bulbs are fitted at the required places only. For example, they fit bulbs in the living rooms, washrooms and kitchens only and they don’t fit bulbs in the gallery and exterior part of the room. You should fit bulbs at every part of your house. You can easily switch these bulbs at the time of emergency. In the exterior of your house, you should fit PIR operated floodlighting. With the help of PIR operated floodlighting, you can easily detect the body of a person. Due to the fear of being caught, most of the thieves don’t try to enter into your home.


Lock The Things That Can Be Used To Break Into Your Home:

If you have left ladders, garden tools and metal bars in the exterior part of your home or the lawn, you are giving easy access to the thieves to enter into your home. You should lock all the things that can become the cause of easy access for the thieves to enter into your home. After using the ladder, you should hide it in your home. Similarly, after using garden tools and metal bars, you should also hide all of these things in the store. In other words, we can say that we should not provide easy access to the thieves to break into our houses.


Hide Valuables From The View:

The burglars are looking for the money, jewellery and laptops in your home. Its reason is that these things are easy to carry for them. After using the jewellery, you should hide it in the locker. This locker should be in your sleeping room. You should not keep a large sum of money in your home. If you have a large sum of money, you should deposit it in the bank. Anyhow, if you want to keep a large sum of money for one or two days, you should also hide it in the locker in your sleeping room. Moreover, you should also hide the laptops from the view after using them.


Limit Access To Your Property:

There are some houses which have downside pipes for the draining of rainwater. Thieves can easily enter into your home by climbing up on these downside pipes. You should try to fit these downside pipes inside the walls. Anyhow, if you don’t fit these downside pipes inside the walls, you should paint these downside pipes with special slippery paints. These special slippery paints don’t allow the thieves to climb up on your home. You should always lock the main gate of your home.


Deceive The Burglars:

If nobody is at the house, thieves can easily enter into your house and steal the most expensive things. Therefore, if you are leaving your house, you should deceive the burglars with some essential tips and tricks. First, you should turn on the lights into your house. Secondly, you should turn on the radio into your house which provides an idea to the burglars that somebody is in the house. Thirdly, you should keep a dog in the house because a dog is a good deterrent. At last, you can also leave a car in the lawn to deceive the burglars that somebody is in the home.

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