Have you heard about GNLD,it’s wonderful products and the great business opportunity it offers?If you haven’t here is your chance to do so and if you have but didn’t grab the opportunity you have another chance to do so.We will be discussing about GNLD’s business opportunity generally.

Having your own GNLD Business offers you the opportunity to- * improve your lifestyle and financial independence and * improve your health and well-being through its products. This business can be done by anyone no matter what your educational level,age,sex or believes by be.You can do this business full time or part time at your own convenient time from the comfort of your home as it is a home based business. HOW YOUR GNLD BUSINESS WORKS. GNLD makes use of a Network Marketing system that not only allows you to reap rewards from your sells but to teach others how do so and earn commissions from theirs.To build your network you simply introduce 3 Distributors and help them get their own 3.Their own 3 will do the same and so forth.In GNLD’s Marketing Plan there are various steps you must achieve to earn commissions in your business.To achieve this steps you accumulate POINTS VOLUMES (PV) from the products you and your Distributors in your networking team sell,enabling you to move much faster up the various steps in GNLD’s Marketing Plan.Each product has it’s own PV.You make money fom your GNLD Business when you – * earn Retail Profits selling directly to your customers, * earn Sales Volume Bonuses when you start other Distributors into your network, * earn Leadership Bonuses as you develop Directors in your network through the power of duplication, * earn premiums,bonus cash,travel rewards and more through GNLD’s annual sales plan incentives.

To qualify for GNLD’s World Team you have to develop Directors in your successline and together accumulate GROUP PV’s per month for 3 months in a 6 month period.There are 11 recognition levels in GNLD’s World Team starting from SAPPHIRE DIRECTOR.Qualification for each level is based on the combinations of Director “legs” in your successline More Than 4 Decades! More Than 50 World Markets! World’s Finest Products! Top-Notch Support! Amazing Success The GNLD story GNLD Founder Jerry Brassfield knew there was more to life than he could find in his small, Central California town. Even at age 19, he believed the combination of quality products and a person-to-person, network-based business could lead to success. As his business grew and he learned from his successes and mistakes, Jerry’s vision evolved far beyond the borders of Porterville, California. He saw the limitless potential of his direct-selling network, and he eventually achieved national—and then international—success beyond his wildest dreams! What is GNLD GNLD International is a privately-owned company that has been in operation for over 46 years (founded in 1958) and now markets its products in over 50 countries around the world. GNLD is an abbreviation of Golden Neo-Life Diamite - so called as it was formed by the coming together of three separate companies, Golden Products, Neo-Life, and Diamite, all of which shared common values and ideals, reflected today in our stated 'purpose': To Make a Positive Difference in People's Lives. Two brothers raised in rural California saw in network marketing the greatest opportunity for the average person to become financially independent.

Through the distribution of unique products and incomes generated by the best paying plan in the industry, this vision has become a reality for hundreds of thousands around the world. Beginning in 1958, GNLD pioneered the concept of network marketing, and today enjoys an enviable reputation for innovative leadership and business integrity in the rapidly expanding direct sales industry. Global expansion efforts extended the GNLD products and opportunity to more than 50 world markets. GNLD'S ultimate goal is to be the largest and most respected network marketing company in the world, giving people everywhere the opportunity to choose GNLD as the vehicle for realizing their dreams. GNLD brings together people of all cultures, races and backgrounds as one global family, united in a single purpose to make a positive difference in people's lives. They are not only offering others a brighter future and financial freedom - they are making personal contributions toward a world without boundaries. What GNLD Offers - High demand, high quality products that are based in nature and backed by our Scientific Advisory Board, a team of world scientists and researchers. 1. Nutritional supplements to support optimal health. 2. Herbal Alternatives for traditional benefits from plants. 3. Home care products for ecologic “low-dose, low-burden” performance. 4. Weight management products to help achieve your weight loss goals. 5. Personal and skin care products for lasting health and beauty. 6. Water enhancement systems for water you can trust. The GNLD Business Opportunity - GNLD is your opportunity to be your own boss, create your own future, develop financial independence and security and realize your dreams. No matter what your current situation, a GNLD business of your own makes the difference between dreaming about a better life...and living it. GNLD is a network marketing company, distributing its products via a network of independent Distributors who purchase GNLD products directly from the company and then sell these products to their own customers.

 The Distributors are also able to build their businesses through the sponsoring and recruitment of other Distributors who become part of their own sales and marketing network. Many Distributors work their business as a "part-time" operation, as a means of earning extra income. Others have built their GNLD businesses into substantial operations, working them full time and earning significant revenue and rewards in the process. With GNLD you can choose to become a Distributor and receive 25% discount on products or you can start building your own business and start earning extra income today! To have more knowledge on how to make it with ease, contact me at 07037273322 OR [email protected]   (Dave)

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