Mo’Cheddah Addresses That “Nude” Picture Scandal!!!


Nearly 2 years ago in September ’11 a nude picture which many say bore a striking resemblance to Mo’Cheddah  was sent as a tweet from the singer/rapper Mo’Cheddah’s official twitter account. It was alleged that the nude was meant to be sent as a direct message to a very married male rapper & producer – eLDee The Don, but ended up being sent as a public tweet instead from Mo’Cheddah’s official twitter.

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Thanks to the speed of the internet the image went viral within minutes & Mo’Cheddah made a swift move to deny the nude was her, saying her twitter account was hacked. Eldee also came to her defence seeing as his name was being attached to the scandal. But as is usually the case with these things the damage had been done.

In a recent interview she addresses THAT photo, read what she had to say after the jump

Was it your ‘thick skin’ that made you to overcome the scandal of your alleged nude picture that went viral?

I don’t know. I don’t remember anything about that. I am not going to defend myself. I don’t always have to do that. People will always talk about you. They will always pick on meaningless things. As a human being, you have to move on.

But really, were those pictures yours?

I will not answer that question.

Well…that was a bunch of nothing! She is neither admitting nor denying…smart move. She was also asked about her recent bikini picture she posted on her instagram page

As an ‘evangelist’ how come you posted your bikini picture on your Instangram page?

A lot of people even felt you uploaded that picture as publicity stunt…I am not going to say anything about that picture.

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