There are so many things happenning around us which affect us as a result of our past mistakes. Some of these mistakes could be change while some of them no matter what you do can never be changed. Below are some of them:

(1) When you are deflowered as a young girl, no matter what you do even if you are married the memory of that day that it happened will remain as fresh as though it just happened now. For you to correct this kind of mistake is never allow such to happen.

(2) When you bear false witness against someone which leads that person to death. Since you can not bring the person back to life nothing on earth can help you correct it. So the best way to correct it, is never allow yourself to be involved.

(3) When you refuse to reciprocate to someone who love you. Someone who care much about you. If eventually the person dies and you see a vaccum which the person occupied and you wish he/she was by. To such mistake the best way to correct is to love back whoever cheris you when the person is with you.


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