MiekHarry ft Odreel – File Fu

Introducing the Prince of Naija Hiphop MiekHarry with his hot new single and member of Timmynaija Ent. We proudly present MiekHarry ft Odreel – File Fun. At 13 he had his debut single featuring
timmynaija.com and also featured on Jimmy´s Jump Off. Now he is taking
all to a new level while he got the whole Naija rotating. Life us a dog I
got it on chain….LoL

File Fun-MiekHarry ft Odreel


He will be featuring on Kenni´s Music Jam in Abuja later this month and a co management with King Keke Ogbungbe could be the next big step for this young man at the age 14. Listen to audio and do remember to
leave a comment below.

MiekHarry ft Odreel - File Fun, Nigerian music, Timmynaija Ent

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