Of all NFL coaches, only the Miami dolphins' Adam Gase has been able to invite Jay Cutler, who has already entered the commentary career, to meet the team's emergency quarterback needs Madden Coins. But a month later, the dolphins scored six points in the last two weeks of the New Orleans saints and the New York jets. So we're going to ask the same old question :"Jay Cutler really?" You know the backup quarterback Matt Moore's salary is only 1/6 of Jay Cutler's.

However, if the dolphins were really confident in Moore, they wouldn't have dropped $10 million to bring Cutler to Miami. Gase is a confident coach, and last season's dolphins were worse than they are now, but they're still in the playoffs. Maybe it's just a repeat of last year's old drama. But for now, it's hard to say "confidence" in Miami's quarterback.

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