#MFM@30: That resilient mustard seed now a giant oak - Olukoya

Arogbonlo Israel

The General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), Daniel Kolawole Olukoya on Thursday, described the journey of the ministry as a transition from a mustard seed to a giant oak.

Olukoya who took to his official Facebook page in anticipation of the 30th anniversary of the MFM said, "Indeed, if it had not been for God, what will our Israel say? My heart is overwhelmed with unexplanable Joy.

"Just like yesterday, that resilient mustard seed planted by a fellowship of less than 25 firebrand cluster of believers has blossomed to become a giant oak".

He added: "This oak has successfully spread its branches on lands, far and near, across Nigeria, Africa, Asia, America, Europe and other continents.

"Today, 'everywhere you go', there is a potent vehicle for deliverance, evangelism and heavenly training, popularly known as the Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry (MFM)".

In his closing remarks, the don thanked God and all the supporters of the ministry for their benevolence over the years.

"All thanks be to God who has daily sustained us, thanks to my ever supportive wife, the entire pastorates, the team of 25 vibrant men and women who upheld this vision with me 30 years ago, workers, Friends, and you my fans.

"Looking forward to more years with greater achievement towards fulfilling the mandate of Christ. It is my prayer for you, the Lord will over answer your prayers and grant you victory over every prevailing circumstances in Jesus name, Amen".


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