Method of calculating cement ball mill capacity


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Cement ball mill is commonly used crushing equipment in the industry ,the statistics on the output of the ball mill in actual production is an important basis for the report-type statistics of the production workshop. The data is mainly the statistics of the production of different shifts and the output of the ball mill, and we usually calculate the capacity of the mill. The basic methods are: the measuring method, the feeding weight measurement method, and the estimation of the output per ton of grinding body. Below, Dawning introduces you to the calculation of the specific yield of different methods.


  1. Volume method

The bin method is one of the easiest methods for calculating the actual output of the ball mill. For the actual measurement, we take a simple weight measurement as an example, weigh a small iron drum of 1000 ml of water, and then we will Put the cement or raw material into it, tap it, smooth it, weigh it, then pour it out, fill it with water and weigh it again, then subtract the weight from the known weight to know the cement or raw The bulk density of the material, but this operation is only suitable for the production of a grinding bin, not for the production of more mills.


2.Feeding weight measurement

This kind of metering operation is limited by the various conditions of the ball mill production, and the obtained result can only be regarded as the approximate value of the ball mill production capacity. The specific application formula is

qR=feeding amount×C4

 qR is the amount of fine ore selected by the ball mill, the unit is t/h;

C4 is the content of the particles passing through the 0.08 mm square h*** sieve in the material, and is measured in %.


  1. Estimation of the output per ton of grinding body in the ball mill

The error of this method is relatively large and can only be used as a reference. According to the operating experience, the output of each medium-ton ball mill and raw material mill per ton of grinding body is 340-450 kg per hour, some In the case of 550 kg per hour, the cement ball mill can produce 300-400 kg per ton of grinding body per ton, and sometimes even 450 kg per hour.


However, as of now, there is no precise calculation method that can accurately calculate the specific output of the ball mill. You can decide which method to calculate the output based on the actual production situation.

Method of calculating cement ball mill capacity

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