Message to My Fellow Nigerians:

My name is Rommy Wuhe { Atomgbe II }.

Those who know me at home, some prefer to call me Atomgbe Wuhe Atomgbe. I am the Coordinator working with Local ABC4All/ Nigeria. Most recently, I have the honor of having been appointed as Director for The Goodwill Treaty for World Peace.

There's something I want to share with you and would welcome your joining and supporting our mutual efforts together so that we can go a long way to offering ways to heal our dear communities. As it is said, “Charity Begins at Home.” This can be considered to apply both locally and globally.

Before sharing with you this life-saving information, please check it out and register yourselves, brothers and sisters, and join me as follows so that you can undertake this process, a journey into the world of peace, a world in which all participating will have trust and mutual intent to work together for a better world.

ABC4All Participation Guidelines:

Here is Step 1:
Join the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project

by taking a profile at (be sure to include your country of residence) and send the user name to abc4allteam (at) abc4all (dot) net when you will be added as ABC4All Mentor and will receive a welcoming email. Once you are added you are now a member of a growing international community of people who are declaring their intention to work together for a better world.
We who are receptive must remain strong for the weak: I will send you after you join the basic informational site on what is known as “The ABC4All Legacy,” and then, too, you are welcome to sign The Goodwill Treaty for World Peace.

In addition, I will look forward to sharing with you the download for an original song I have created so you can CLICK! for “THE WORLD WE WANT {Theme song for Global Peace:}. This song was written with the intent of being able to share through the medium of songwriting/entertainment that we all embrace the concepts of what will truly make a difference for us locally, nationally and globally.

Through this means you will learn about the momentum that is building that will help create “The World of A Better Community For All (ABC4All)” which has been spreading around our planet and which after 15 years of development not only has placed our collective work in collaboration with distinguished author Treaty Creator and Author Bryant McGill – among whose works include his profound yet short book, “Voice of Reason,” which is making its way around to World Leaders, but also placing us in the midst of the thousands of youth groups world wide collaborating under the banner of “The World We Want 2015.”

McGill has donated some copies of his book to ABC4All Leaders. Most recently he has donated up to 2000 copies of the electronic version of his book (you will receive a copy if you join ABC4All) to ALL ABC4All Mentors in 119 countries to date. Most importantly has he starts a Book Tour in coming weeks/months, he will be giving copies of his book to 600 World Leaders. “Voice of Reason,” as you will see, has been considered by Founder Burton Danet, Ph.D., as a perfect companion for any ABC4All Mentor and for anyone interested in working together for a better world for all.

by ABC4All Mentor Rommy Wuhe, Coordinator, Local ABC4All / Nigeria


Intro- Hey you wonderful Ambassadors for Peace Making {APM}
Hate to trade with war, and so it is for love to trade Peace
ABC4All says Jamboree, with Global Peace, is the world we want….. Yeah.....



You probably are aware by now that YOU have the potential to spearhead Local ABC4All / Nigeria to go on and create Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) for Nigeria, the rest of Africa and the rest of the world.

Your model and approach as a leader is all that it takes - cooperation, collaboration and a genuine interest in doing what will care for anyone alive who is receptive - humanity and "The Cry of the World." Signing and acting with the Peace Treaty like you did is exactly what is needed as a model for ACTING and writing your own signature rather than using an electronic signature, and as Bryant says, that is what makes the difference and shows REAL commitment.

We keep sharing until others act just like you have done and together we build the cooperation/collaboration until NO ONE IS DRINKING POLLUTED WATER. When the first country claims that what will the rest of the world do?

ABC4All Mentor Rommy Wuhe
From Rommy's Corner says:
"Love, and then peace to the world"
The Love Foundation, home of
Global Love Day agrees:
"Love Begins With Me"

Rommy wuhe {Atomgbe II}
Coordinator. Local ABC4Al/ Nigeria
Goodwill Treaty Director, Nigeria

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Comment by lovenaomi on April 18, 2013 at 11:05am


my name is miss Naomi female single never married ,i became interested when i saw your profile.please for more about me email me( [email protected] ),so that i will send you my picture,also i have good thing to share whit you,
thanks yours regard
( Naomi ).

reply to ([email protected])

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