In Nigeria presently, there are those who are very comfortable despite the difficulties faced by so many others. It will be right to draw a conclusion that some of the comfortable ones
contribute greatly to the difficulties experienced by others because they aren’t
affected by reason of their status financially, politically and otherwise.

Using the problem of electricity as an instance, there are some who never experience power outage in their places of residence because of their status. So they aren’t in any way affected
by the sufferings of those who can’t afford to maintain steady power in their
homes. Many of these highly placed individuals are in positions where they can
influence policies that can be of enormous benefit to those suffering, but
because they are not directly affected by the problems and sufferings of
others, it would be a waste of their precious time to go out of their way to
help others.

There was a man named Nehemiah in the bible. This man was the king’s cupbearer, meaning he had a good job. A man who appeared before a notable king as Artaxerxes shouldn’t be taken lightly. There
is something fascinating about this man called Nehemiah amongst many others. Despite
the fact that he occupied an influential position, he was inquisitive about the
welfare of his people (The Jews) as well as Jerusalem which he affirmed to be
the place of his fathers’ sepulchers. Nehemiah got to know that his people were
suffering and that Jerusalem had been destroyed. The bible records that this
man, after hearing the news “….sat down
and wept, and mourned certain days, and fasted, and prayed before the God of
heaven” (Nehemiah 1:4).

Nehemiah demonstrated that he had a heart for his people and nation. He became sorrowful to the extent that it began to affect his duties to the king as cupbearer. He appeared before the
king in his sorrowful state which was a very risky thing to do. This is a king
who could have just said a word and Nehemiah’s head would have been cut off or
he would have been imprisoned. Remember the butler and baker in Genesis 40: 1-2
who were imprisoned because the king was wroth with them. The baker was later
hanged while the butler was restored.

We can see vividly that Nehemiah took a big risk by appearing before the king in that manner. No wonder he was afraid when asked by the king the reason for his sad countenance. He was well
aware of the implications.

Relating all of this to the situation in Nigeria, if only those who God gave the opportunity to be in influential positions can place themselves in the shoes of those suffering,
Nigeria will be a better place. If youths can be moved by the pains or
difficulties experienced by people, they will never think of causing harm in
society. From the story of Nehemiah, it is evident that because he showed
concern for his people and nation, God laid in his heart what to do to change
the status quo.

We are well informed of the hard times faced by the good people of Nigeria. A good number of us aren’t moved owing to the fact that we are not directly affected. But if only we opened our hearts like
Nehemiah did, I strongly believe that God will lay in our hearts what to do in
order to cause a positive change in the lives of people. Not only will He put
in our hearts what to do, He will also empower us for the work because we can’t
prevail by our own strength.

Consider David who was one of the greatest kings of Israel. The bible declares that the Lord gave him rest round about from all his enemies (2 Samuel 7:1). This means that David was what every
one would call a comfortable man. But was he really comfortable? He wasn’t
because the ark of God dwelt in tents at that time. David’s definition of
comfort differs from the way the world defines it. To David, he could only be
comfortable when the things of God are in order. This is also the way God
defines comfort. God can only be comfortable if we are comfortable. He wasn’t comfortable
that was why He left His throne and gave Himself for the redemption of mankind.
What a sacrifice! A man that can cause the kind of impact that Nigeria
presently needs is a man who is ready to sacrifice from the heart. He is someone
who is willing and ready to go out of his way just to please people around him.
He is someone who feels good when the people around him feel good and unhappy
when the people are unhappy.

The reason why God elevates a man is so he can see clearly from above what those below are suffering. He blesses so that more people can be blessed and not the other way round. There shouldn’t
be any room for selfishness. If God were to be selfish we would all have remained
in darkness. Thank God He did what He did! If you and your family are the only
beneficiaries from that place that God has put you or that which God has given
you, you can never cause the kind of impact that God desires. Joseph was an
Israelite yet the Egyptians benefited a lot from his government as well as his

My fellow Nigerians, the reason why you have been able to notice that problem presently faced by Nigerians might be because God wants to use you in one way or the other to change the
status quo. Why not allow God give you ideas instead of being a regular
complainant. Shun distractions and discouragements because you will always
encounter them as long as the earth remains. Besides, they even help to build
you. Just rely on God to make every crooked place straight for you so that you
won’t be hindered. Don’t give up hope on Nigeria because God has prepared a way
of escape through His Son Jesus who is the WAY. Follow Him and you will never
walk in darkness. Shalom!

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