Sometime ago, I read a book titled “Ideas Rule the World” by Sam Adeyemi, and ever since then I never stopped thinking about
this title. I agree with it to a very large extent. On the contrary, so many
people think that it is only those that occupy a well-known position of
authority that can rule. This is the reason why people would do just anything
to get a position in society. Most of the popular names we hear of today
especially in the western world are names of those who had ideas, and because
they ran with them, they turned out to become successful men and women that
caused tremendous impact in their respective countries and the world at large.

Is it that ideas are only meant for a particular class of people? Or is it that they are only meant for those in developed countries of the world? I just don’t
think so! We have come to believe that only those in developed countries are
qualified to get ideas, thus making ourselves inferior to others. This has made
us to be unproductive in different areas of endeavour.

In Genesis Chapter one, the bible says that “…the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep”.
This as well was the case in many of the developed nations we see and hear of
today. The bible made us understand that God called light to shine out of
darkness. This means that in spite of the darkness that dominated the whole
earth in the beginning, God saw a wonderful opportunity. He saw that something good
could still come out of the terrible situation of darkness, and that is the
light we still enjoy till date. The reason why all of the advanced countries
are the way they are now is simply because some persons saw opportunities in
midst of chaos. They believed that all hope wasn’t lost. They believed that
something could still be done, so they worked towards it with determination and
it paid off. The situation in Nigeria, though terrible, is no exception. There
are opportunities everywhere. It is left for only those who have eyes to see.
It is unfortunate that some have eyes yet they can’t see. Proverbs 20:13 says;
“…open thine eyes, and thou shalt be
satisfied with bread”

What does it take for someone to see opportunities in midst of disaster? What does it take to see light in midst of darkness? It only takes a heart of someone who
is willing to cause a positive change. It takes a heart of service. It takes a
heart of sacrifice.

There is a saying that the grave is the richest place on earth. This is so because so many people have died with ideas that could have caused a massive explosion far
more than what we have today. Many have died with so much untapped resources. A
good number of those that died with their ideas and dreams died with them
because they saw the impossibility of actualizing their dreams. Personally I
believe strongly that if it were impossible, then it would be needless for God
giving the idea in the first place. For the fact that the idea came at all is a
clear proof that it can be actualized.

It is one thing to catch an idea, and it is another thing to run with it. One major challenge is to get the provisions for the vision. The unavailability of
provisions has caused many to give up easily. Most importantly, we don’t have
to wait until we have all the necessary provisions before beginning to pursue
our dreams. You can start with what you have. No matter how small it is, you
could still start with it. Visions are designed by God in such a way that it
supernaturally attracts its provisions. Psalm 42:7 says that
“deep calleth unto deep….”

I have known so many Nigerians who have different ideas which, if worked on, could drastically reduce the rate of unemployment in the country, as well as bring
about many other benefits. They always have one excuse or the other why they
failed to pursue their dreams and they feel justified by those excuses. Proverbs
20:4 says that
“The sluggard will not
plow by reason of the cold; therefore will he beg in harvest, and have nothing”
There are always one or two reasons why you shouldn’t do that which you have to
do; all the same, there are countless reasons why you should.

An all important factor that people have neglected in the pursuit of their dreams is the God Factor. Many people don’t consider the involvement of God as
relevant in bringing their dreams to reality. Proverbs 3:6 says that we should
acknowledge God in all our ways and He will direct our steps. Once God is
involved, direction is sure. Lack of direction has made many to crash. Samuel
2:9 records that
“…by strength shall no
man prevail”
. Romans 9:16 makes us understand that “…it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that
sheweth mercy”
. The role you play in the actualizing of your dream is
important, nevertheless that which God has to do is much more important than
anything else.

One truth Nigerians need to hold on to is that there are many things that have not yet been discovered. In as much as a lot has been revealed so far, there are so
many secrets yet unrevealed. Why should God hoard ideas? Daniel 2:28 makes it
clear that our God is a God that reveals secrets. He wants to reveal them so
that we can all be blessed. God is rich in all things including ideas. What we
need do is to humble ourselves and call upon Him, and He will show us great and
mighty things which no one knows. There are so many unrevealed secrets worth
far more than silver and gold. Secrets that if revealed, will save so many
lives. Secrets that will make Nigeria a better place. Who says that Nigerians
can’t make cars? Which law stops us from making something that has never been made?
Does it matter that you are a Nigerian? Of course it doesn’t! Shun excuses and
carry on with your God-given dream. Until you do, you will never find fulfillment.
Just believe that you can and you eventually will succeed. Selah!

Written By:

Preye Jep’hthah Tel:08064874998 Email: [email protected]

Inspire Nigeria (July, 2010)

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