Every sector in Nigeria presently seem not to be yielding profitably as expected by Nigerians as well as other countries of the world that also believe that Nigeria is endowed with so much resources – both human and natural, which can turn the country into one of the greatest countries in the world if the country’s resources are efficiently managed by its leaders.
The problem in Nigeria is so serious that so many have given up on this country. The situation in Nigeria has become utterly hopeless to so many. Many have travelled abroad to find greener pastures while some are thinking of doing the same.
The situation in Nigeria is likened to what happened in the Book of Ruth Chapter 1, where a woman named Naomi travelled to a foreign land by reason of the famine in the land of her nativity (Bethlehem-Judah). She sojourned in the country of Moab where she suffered some set-backs, after which she decided to return to her native land because she had heard that the situation of famine which caused her to flee to a foreign land had changed drastically into abundance.
This is exactly what is going to be the case in Nigeria. Those who have given up on this country thinking that the situation is too utterly hopeless for change will return to meet a season of huge harvest like Naomi (Ruth 1:22). And just like Ruth (a foreigner) left her land to sojourn in Bethlehem-Judah, the time will come when foreigners will prefer to live, die and be buried in Nigeria.
Nigerians should begin to understand that what seems to be utterly hopeless is God’s specialty.
I strongly believe that the Day of Restoration has come for Nigeria. I also want to encourage Nigerians to be patient and believe whole-heartedly in God who is the “Unchangeable Changer”. Nigerians should have the awareness that God desires the best for this country. God wants to cause His great Light to illuminate every part of this Country.
As Nigerians, we have our individual roles to play in order to make this country a better habitation. You might be wondering how you- a single individual, can cause a change in a country that nothing seem to be working. I’ll tell you how!
The Bible records that by one man (Adam), sin entered this world (Rom 5:12). It also records that by the obedience of ONE (Jesus) many shall be made righteous (Rom 5:19). From these two scriptures, we see that there is power in “one”.
It is important to note at this point that for any light that shines, darkness is displaced. Some may even say, “How can this be, after all Rome wasn’t built in a day”. We should know that the building of Rome began from day 1. Day 1 is as important as the other days in which Rome was built. So you can see that a single individual like you is very much needed for this positive change to occur.
For everything that God does on earth, he sends those who are willing. For Nigeria to be transformed into the way we really desire it to be, God has to use willing persons to cause the transformation. Don’t think that you aren’t suitable for God to use to cause the transformation. What God does is that He first transforms the man he intends to use and then He sends that man to cause the kind of change He desires. How can a man be used to cause a positive change in this country when he himself hasn’t changed? The change must begin from within you before you can influence people around you.
Many people really desire to be the best they can be but they don’t really know how to. It is clearly stated in God’s Word that without God we can do nothing (John 15:5). Without God we can’t cause any positive change, rather we will do more harm to this Great Country. God can take “a nobody” and make him into an influential person in society. Yes! God can make you become someone you have never thought, asked or imagined of becoming.
How is this possible! It is because with God all things are possible (Matt. 19:26). Man is limited but God is unlimited. All you need do as an individual is to believe in JESUS who is the ONLY WAY (John 14:6). There are no “short cuts”. JESUS is the Light who wants to illuminate all those who come to Him so that this great country can be flooded with Light.
How do you feel when PHCN restores power after some days of power outage? I strongly believe that you are among those who would shout NEPA! It is a sweet thing to see light around, but it is sweetest to have JESUS in your life. If you desire a personal relationship with the one and only true God, just say this confession from your heart:
“Lord Jesus, I come to you today just as I am
Believing that only you can turn me into the best I can be
Come into my heart Lord Jesus
And take your place forever. Amen”

Dearly beloved! You just qualified to change your world. All you need do is to “let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven”(Matt. 5:16).
Don’t let your light go out for the rest of your life. Take in more light instead by studying God’s word because the entrance of His word gives light (Psalm 119:130).
Jesus is the Light. A summary of what He did here on earth was that He went about doing good (Acts 10:38). Since you carry God’s light, go about doing good by telling your friends and all those around your area about JESUS. In no time you will notice the drastic change around you. The Light must shine!

Written By:
Preye Jephta Abiri
Soul Networking for Christ Tel: 08064874998 Email: [email protected]

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Comment by Preye Jep'hthah on December 28, 2009 at 5:45pm
Hello Tozilla! you seem to lay much emphasis on those who are in position of authority. must someone be in a position of authority before he can do something for our nation?? we have over 140 million people in the country. How many political positions of authority are there as against the total population of this country?? the problem with many Nigerians is that they are waiting for someone to come do a magic. what about you?? who says that private individuals cant build hospitals! who says private individuals cant build good roads!! any individual that does such a thing isn't doing it for the government but for the good people of Nigeria.
you asked how is Jesus going to resolve man-made problems in Nigeria. the answer is that He is the only solution we have. Without Him nothing can be done. He has solved man-made problems here on earth before and He can do it and is doing it again. this time around He is doing it through those who believe in Him. those who are sons like He is a Son. Only those who are willing and are obedient to His calling will be used to cause the drastic change, and these are those who will be the first partakers of the fruits. MY brother, u can cause a positive change for this nation. u can do far above what u ever imagined. JUst believe in Jesus and ask Him to use you and He will empower you tremendously. How did God deliver the children of Israel? He sent a man Moses. now there are millions of Moses' in Nigeria. U are one of them if u agree. Just position your self for Him to use you by believing and confessing Him as Lord. Thanks!
Comment by Tozilla on December 27, 2009 at 10:56pm
Often times we have tendencies to advocate solutions that are not practical. How is JESUS and GOD going to help resolve man made problems in Nigeria. Most of the problems in Nigeria today were created by those inept and vision-less leaders who got there by way of corruption. Right after independence, name one of those leaders that possessed the smartness and mental acumen to move Nigeria forward. The answer is emphatically none. Case in point, Yakubu Gowan sitting on massive revenues from oil boom of the 70's went on Nationalization and and gave cash incentives in the form of Udoji award, but only to civil servants. That was a gutter economic policies that would come from a leader that was clueless, naive, and uneducated at the time. I wonder how much of his ''PRAY NIGERIA'' campaign has lifted Nigeria from her predicaments. Then came Obasanjo, Shagari, Ibrahim Babaginda, Abacha, Abdulsalami Abubakar, Obasanjo again and now Umar Yaradua. Everyone of these thugs had numerous opportunities to move Nigeria forward but failed. I would like to note that i do not consider Shagari a thug but unfortunately he surrounded himself with corrupt men. Yaradua, a man that should never had accepted his selection for health reasons, and now we are seeing the results. I sincerely wish him well. It was obvious that these pepper-soup Generals were more interested in their Swiss bank accounts than lifting the rest of the country. Our problems would be resolved when we collectively denounce and abhor corruptions, become transparent and not rely on Jesus and God, otherwise we would be waiting for the day of restoration forever.

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