Mr. President these are
for you: (1) Why is it
that this oil subsidy
issue has taken over
the day to day running
of government? (2) Are
you sure this is not a
tactics by your enemies
to distract your
administration? (3) How
do you think a country
where about 70% of her
population cannot
afford N200
per day will adapt when
subsidy is removed? (4)
Is it a crime to repair
the existing refineries
to full capacity? (5) Why
is the government silent
on those cabals that
she said were
benefiting from the
subsidy or is it their
own share of the
National cake? (6) Why
not channel 50% of your
huge proposed budget
on National Securiy to
the repairing of our
refineries to full
capacity? (7) Do you
think that a Nigerian
that left for work by
6am and returned by
6pm will have time to
join Boko Haram or any
form of Millitancy? (8)
Since a busy or
employed man cannot
have time for violence
why not channel an
encouragement to the
Industrial Sector so that
Many Nigerians will be
employed? (9) Do you
think those cabals will
not mess up the funds
that will be saved from
the subsidy removal if
you remain silent to
them? (10) Finally Sir be
careful with your
advisers because some
of them may be
deceivers. Thanks.

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