Kontekture is a Design And Build Startup that is leading the way in Custom Container Design And Construction with A Difference. The difference is finding sustainable solutions to building technologies in the use of Shipping Containers as an Architectural Building Block.


The benefits are numberbly uncountable as they serve as a means of Upcycling the Containers, and save the environment (for every shipping containers used, we are saving up to 3500kg of steel) and WE are achieving it affordably.


Shipping Container Homes Saves up to 40% cost compared to Conventional Houses, and its built with incredibly great speed and accuracy @ kontekture. Container homes let's you set loose your imagination as there are no stopping to whatever your dreams are. Container homes can be Pre-fabricated and completed in the workshop and delivered and installed as a fully built house.


Kontekture is here to reinvent housing style and make you enjoy it. Imagine the expression, you will be making if you invite someone into your ultra-chic Container Home.

Our Container Homes are well paddled, which makes it cooler inside during the hot season that the surroundings. 


Shipping Containers are more secured because they are bulletproofed, and it can be cladded with different materials (Woods, Cement boards, Alucobonds, etc) to give a New and perfect finish You Will Always Love


Shipping containers can be creatively adopted for the followings: 


Community Housing For Middle Class and Lower Class (Mass Housing Units)

Luxury Container Houses

Studio Apartments

Swimming Pools

ATM Post

Shopping Complex/Mall (BOX PARKS)

Terrace Houses

Tiny Houses

Movable Houses


Security Post




Pharmacy Office

Jewelry Store

Households Stores



Car Ports

Car Parks/Bus Stop Park





For more Info:

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp/Call: (234) 08038285358; 08025059733


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