georgia admission process:
if you wish to study in georgia europe, we will assist you to get the admission from the
university and send you your admission letter of study issued by the georgia university.

we will assist you on every step of the process from the time of starting the admission process till you are fully settled
in georgia and to ensure that our international representative will be there at the airport to receive you and
to help you in setteling down in georgia.

our aim is to provide excellent customer service to our students. we are committed to provide high quality professional
services geared toward ensuring stress-free admission into georgian universities and institutions.

advantages to study in georgia:
no ielts required
less fees
no funds proof required for visa
minimum eligibility: (age: 18-35 yrs)
option of transfer to germany, czech, and other e.u. countries for medical programs
various study options available
universities are recognized by w.h.o., m.c.i. and other prestigious organisations.

admission program available for georgia universities are:
certificate courses
diploma courses
undergraduate programs
postgraduate programs
doctoral programs

georgia admission requirement:
for undergraduate student; scanned copy of high school result and copy of international passport.
for postgraduate student; scanned copy of your university result, highschool result and international passport front page.

how to apply;
send us the following details listed as follow to [email protected]
you can also contact us at: +380507555029
our website:
choice of course: .................
copies of your scanned document:...
your mobile contact: ..............

how to get georgia europe visa:
visa is %100 guaranteed as long as you meet up with our admission requirement and we will be with you always to carry out
all the hectic processes smoothly.

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