Mattress Buying Guide: How Should People With Back Pain Choose a Mattress?

Mattresses can determine a lot about your health. They determine the quality of your sleep. Your immune system and your energy levels depend upon your quality of sleep. On top of everything else, the pain threshold of your body also depends on your sleep. Extensive research by some of the most well-known institutes has shown that the level of stress and physical pain you feel during the day, directly relates to the quality of sleep you experience the night before.

Sleeping on the “wrong” kind of mattress can subject your vertebra to undue stress and cause back pain. The “wrong” mattress usually varies from person to person. It often depends upon the initial cause of the pain, the general stress levels, their workout habits and posture. That is the very reason there is no perfect mattress in the world, and there is no way to know if the mattress your best friend uses is going to be good for you too. 

What does the latest research say?

According to a Harvard Medical School study, 313 patients suffering from lower back pain slept on mattresses varying in firmness for an extensive period. Those who slept on medium-firm ones reported a significant reduction in lower back pain. It was true in comparison to the ones who had slept on soft mattresses and firm mattresses for the same duration. It was entirely in contrary to what most people believe – sleeping on firm mattresses is good for your back!

How to judge the mattresses you are about to buy?

While you are out shopping for a mattress, you need to check a few things:

  • It must be just the right kind of firm. Picking the right mattress is like choosing the right avocado! Except it is a more expensive buy and a much more significant investment. However, you can now save by using online coupon codes for all major purchases. If you sleep on your back majority of the times, a medium firm mattress is always the right kind for you.
  • A softer mattress only works for those who sleep on their sides more often.
  • People who are likely to sleep on their stomachs are more likely to find the firmer mattresses more relaxing.

However, most people usually sleep in a variety of positions throughout the night. Therefore, the ideal mattress should be the one that supports all kinds of sleeping postures and allows the easy transition. Without enough change in positions, people are likely to experience shallow sleep. You are likely to wake up multiple times with cramps and numbness of the limbs if you were unable to change positions.

The safest option for all

Memory foam may just be the costliest, but it is also the best for all kinds of sleepers. In fact, if you have cervical spondylosis or lumbago, memory foam is going to be the magic cure for your pain.

You will need experience and considerable time to find the ideal mattress for your back. In case you are experiencing severe pain in your back and neck, you should consult an orthopedic and a sleep expert before going out for shopping.

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