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Hi guys, just wanted to share with you huge info in the breakaway of VIP predictions.

Tired of buying fake games online all in the name of 100% sure soccer predictions there's a new alternative.

This one is all about using the loophole of odds difference in bet companies.

Sometimes  a company like nairabet could give you over 2.5 goals with odds @1.50 while merrybet could give you same option with odds @1.56 this is what we prey on, we use the highest odds on different bookings to get the best results in a way that you can play a game over 2.5 goals and also play the same game under 2.5 goals in a different bookie, after the game you'll still get your money back and have profit.

For more information visit our website

Our offers are cheap and easy, we can give you games that will generate as high as 20% profit, getting such games daily will serve you better than any other VIP PREDICTION SITE 

With this in hand, there's no room for loss.

We are the kings of sure soccer predictions.

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