Martial is the most headache for Manchester United

Martial is the most headache for Manchester United. According to Mourinho's vision, Martial has already gone so far. The reason why he can stay in the team is because Woodward has been steadfast. In the past two weeks, he has rumored that Marshall plans to renew Manchester United for five years, but it is still wrapped up. Mourinho said that Mu Shuai did not leave the class, and the renewal of the contract could not be discussed. This further intensified the contradiction between Mourinho and Martial. Now that Marshall has been frozen by Mu Shuai, if Mourinho is still innocent in Manchester United, the crisis of the transfer of Martial will be further aggravated

In short, Manchester United's list of renewals is not easy to handle. De Gea and Martial are hard to talk about, and once Mata, Herrera, and Ashley Young leave the team, they have to stop for the transfer. For Manchester United, the various problems are mixed together, as if it is destined to FIFA 19 Coins be a difficult season.

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