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Intercultural Learning is like the many beautiful colors but one flower.
It builds the true spirit of togetherness to creating that solid rock in us in the name of one global community, it create way for understanding, a wonderful way to networking, togetherness makes way for alot of achiever all over the world.
Today we have English as a chosen language in its unique way for as a globalize Patten to as a winning formula though others are also useable to achievably achieving goals.
Culture is an inheritance to any in many diverse as we learn to becoming us indeed.
Culture is business, traditionally demonstrated in its beauty for attraction.
If we must all reason to this, why is it that culture builds tourism?, that should be able to take us deep to the depth of it as we feel, see, know to as knowledge, and then understanding for empowerment.etc.
Intercultural Learning becomes very important to everyone who is looking beyond to doing business globally, its like saying giving what you have to the world with a proper definition for understanding as a value for demand.
Love, and then peace to the world.

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