Managing Type 2 Diabetes is a Way of Life

If you follow a healthy life style, lose weight and manage  Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol Review your condition sensibly you can lead a life that is close to normal, even without a cure for type 2 diabetes. Robert Reddin is a writer with more than 7 years experience and has numerous offline and online articles to his credit. His interest in diabetes arose when a close family member was diagnosed with the condition. You can find more information about treating diabetes here [http//]. To visit my blog, Diabetes Diet Breakthrough Click Here.

Type 2 diabetes is more than a condition; it is a way of life. Twenty million Americans have the condition and a further 16 million are in the prediabetic stage. The two groups together make up nearly 12% of the population, most of whom are living with a condition that was largely caused by our modern life style and for which there is no cure. The nearest you can get to a cure for type 2 diabetes is prevention, but it can only be managed once the condition has developed.

The main risk factors for type 2 diabetes are being over weight, being inactive, having an unhealthy diet and age. However, because of our modern life style and diet, the condition is now being seen more frequently in younger people, and even children, who are obese. Because type 2 diabetes is largely attributable to life style factors, changing these factors will have a significant effect on your condition.

By continuing with a diet that is high in fat, salt and sugar and that also contains a significant amount of highly processed foods, you are literally digging your grave with your teeth. An alternative more active life style based on healthy eating and calorie control is required if you want to avoid serious health problems or even an early grave.

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