Nigeria just had an election which many observers including non Nigerians considered faire and acceptable. While the world leaders are sending messages of hope and expectation to the newly elected President, some bad elements within Nigeria are once again at the game at which they excel, that is fanning the embers of disunity and causing destruction of lives and properties. At a period when every Nigerian should hold hands together to reap the dividends of our new found democracy and pray for the newly elected officials, instead what we see in the newsmedia is burnt houses and corpses on the street in Northern Nigeria. It is pertinent to ask at this juncture, what are the real intention of the men and women who are encouraging these youths to engage in this acts of brigandage? In any election there are winners and losers, a bad loser will always cry foul no matter how transparent the election is. A loser in an election has the right to contest the result of the election through the appropraite channel. If any individual or group either by act of omission or commission makes inflammatory statements that encourages breakdown of law and order, such individuals should be shown the bad side of the law. The reckless killings in the North MUST STOP. There is no basis for contestation of the election results, the minor hitches that was reported here and there would not have made any major difference in the final result. Political and opinion leaders in Northern Nigeria should call the youths to order by reminding them that the law will surely catch up with them if they continue to molest their fellow citizens. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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