Make Your Own Rehydrating Sports Drinks

Playing sports and engaging in exercise are a fantastic way to improve your quality of life, and anyone who already maintains a good standard of fitness will be able to agree that it help you sleep, concentrate, and perform better at even totally unrelated tasks throughout your day. Meridian Health Protocol Review Exercise has become more than a pastime for the people though, it is a fully fledged business and industry in itself. Unfortunately I see corporations preying on people, convincing them that they need expensive clothing, or gadgets to be able to enjoy themselves or fit in. Come on! No one had an arm band heart rate calculator when I was in college!

And we all stayed fit. Probably the thing that bothers me most is the proliferation of so called "sports drinks" which claim to rehydrate faster and more effectively than ANYTHING else you can get. Sports stars appear on TV sucking on bottles of brand-name drinks between rounds or games, and next thing children as young as 7 and 8 years are out there on the soccer field sucking on the same stuff. The blurring distinction between sports drink and HEALTH DRINK does not help, somehow sports has become synonymous with HEALTH, so people seem to make the connection that drinking sports drinks will make them healthier. Sorry, but there is nothing healthy about a concoction of sugars, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives!

Of course there is reason behind the sports drinks and their rehydrating properties - essentially they replace electrolytes lost when you sweat a lot - basically salts, contained in living tissue. Proof is in the fact that sweat tastes salty. The Salt has to come from somewhere, and has to be replaced somehow. In the longer term salt is easily replaced from your food, but having dissolved electrolytes ready to drink can be beneficial if you engage in very intense exercise. So sports drinks do have their place in reducing cramping and strains - if you are into intense exercise. However, do you need the colors, flavors, and preservatives in your body? No, and here's what you can do. Make your own "sports drink" right there at home. Rather than give you an exact recipe, do a little research of your own and find what dieticians recommend, but as a guide you can dissolve half a teaspoon of table salt in a litre of water, before adding a flavouring you fancy - preferably a natural one, such a blackcurrant juice or similar.

Another option, if you are really keen to improve your health, is to replace your sports drinks with totally natural vegetable juices which can be as good or better. Celery juice is well known for its high content of sodium and potassium salts, and because it is a living organism itself, the ratios and concentrations are ideally suited for rehydration.

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