Make Your Online Business Part of Your Spiritual Journey on Earth

A few weeks ago, I saw these fabulous flower buds in my garden. Quantum Manifestation Code  I was so excited, because I knew how grand and fabulous these flowers were going to be... I was determined to watch them unfold... But the next morning they were already there: white and crisp, proudly reaching for the sun. This made me realize how powerful nature is and how powerful we all are, as we are part of nature. But, unlike a flower, we also have the gift of conscious thought. We can think about ourselves, who we are and what we are doing. We can be consciously aware of this process of growing and unfolding, which is a great gift. Of course this gift can be quite a challenge to.

Questions like "Am I good enough" or "Will people like what I have to offer" can slow you down and stop you from unfolding and blossoming. Can you ever imagine a flower wondering what color she should pick, in order for people to "like" her Can you imagine a flower "afraid" of growing and reaching for the sun I see it as a challenge to make our conscious thoughts supportive of our true qualities and strengths so that we can experience our greatness and blossom like a flower. Setting up an online business can be a part of your "unfolding" process, if you choose it to be. You can set up your business away from your true self and still be successful, that is not the point. But when you feel it is important for you to "unfold" yourself, you might consider making your business a part of your spiritual process.

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