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Today, Major Hamza Al Mustapha was discharged and acquitted of attempted murder charges by the Lagos High Court.

There was a high presence of security personnel at the court today and this made our members to be convinced that Major Hamza Al Mustapha may be released today.

There was no confirmation of his release at the end of the day but it was confirmed that he has been discharged and acquitted of attempted murder charges.


Let me use this opportunity to freshen the mind of the general public on this issue that has been lingering for over twelve years now.

 According to the daughter of Major Hamza Al Mustapha in a letter written to late President Yar Ardua in  April 2009, Hamza Al Mustapha was arrested in 1998.

In her words “It was on Thursday, 22nd day of October 1998 when my father was arrested for an alleged coup plot and since then it has been one charge after another without bail” After his arrest, different ugly experiences had been
brought to the young man who was serving Nigerian Army with all his mind and
was seen as a good officer by his mates. Torture, intimidation; name it!


Hamza Al Mustapha was in Oputa Panel and discussed his stewardship to Nigeria under General Abacha’s Dictatorship. We all heard him. Months ago, Justice Chukwudifu
Oputa himself joined the call for Hamza Al Mustapha to be free.

In the process of Campaigning for the freedom of Hamza Al Mustapha, We have had meetings with several grassroot Nigerians to make them study deep into the on goings. If you have
questions, we will be happy to answer them

Without Knowing the details it will be difficult to make good judgment on this issue.

This has led many Nigeria to see Hamza as the only thing bad about the dictatorship of General Abacha. I disagree completely on this. We have seen democratic government and we can
compare them in our closets.


My Questions is are; why are they still keeping this young soldier in Detention for the 13th year counting?

Why is it that politicians get bailed easily and go to court from there home while a patriotic Soldier gets to lavish in Kirikiri awaiting trial for historic 12years plus?


We Call on The Nigerian Government, the Lagos State Government and all parties involved to see to the immediate release of Major Hamza Al Mustapha and Co.

Bail, Amnesty or whatever, Hamza Al Mustapha should be free NOW!



KABIRU KABO ([email protected])


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Comment by kabiru kabo on December 24, 2010 at 2:21am

@ Efe, there are more to it than the make us to hear. In the army who answers is not the lower ranks. The lower ranks simply obey others. As the CSO he did his job by keeping off the coup mongering people but then in terms of brutality all the generals should be blamed not just a Major who happen to be a CSO. The make us believe that this guy stole all the money but you can see reasons here with me that if they saw things in his hand through this years, they would have executed him or given him a life sentence.

Through Our campaign I have happen to get to interview and interact with many people both in Kirikiri and others involved one way or they other, my dear, a lot is going on behind us ooo!

There was atime he was even tortured to speak against some things but he stood his ground. Lets just hope and pray that our future as a country will be better. A lot has happened in the dark meetings of our evil leaders. God bless you for your time.

Comment by Okolobah Efe Michael on December 24, 2010 at 12:18am
@ Kabiru Dabo. He is not suffering because of envy by other generals rather he is suffering because of his deeds. Yes loyality is loyality and he was trusted because of his loyality and this makes him culpable and answerable for his deeds because he was not forced but was rather compensated moneytary and otherwise. Yes the generals you mentioned were all there in that infamous regime but you will agree with me that those of them who oppose the then C in C where done away through Al-Mustapha. While i appreciate yourclarion call for his freedom because he was a fine military gentleman i still stand that his incaceration so far is not unjustified.
Comment by kabiru kabo on December 23, 2010 at 11:43pm

Thanks Guys for your great comments.

@Efe Michael, brother, kindly read through your line here, "There is the saying that the way you make your bed so you shall lie on it. Mustafa was a terror during the days of Abacha that was feared by even his superiors...."

My dear, it never happens in the army. Loyalty is loyalty. They simple make us believe some of these things. He was very good at his job. This was given different interpretations. SOme lousy generals were also envious of him because he was trusted because of loyalty. I feel bad to think of all the evil our past leaders have committed in past. They all should accept that all have sinned. Abdusalami was there, Useni was there, they all were n the harsh dictatorship. If Hamza Deserves to suffer this much, Abdusalami, Useni, Dipo Diya, even OBJ, IBB all of them should get much more for the coups, the killings etc. I think 12years is too much for a man to wait for justice. Hamza AL Mustapha should be free!

Comment by Okolobah Efe Michael on December 23, 2010 at 9:26pm
There is the saying that the way you make your bed so you shall lie on it. Mustafa was a terror during the days of Abacha that was feared by even his superiors. Because he had the backings of the C in C does not mean he should hold Nigerians to ransom. I want you to know that even if he takes orders from those generals, under common military palance, he is accountably to those orders. He is suffering today because he was the anchor point from which the crimes commited were done. You might say he is a victim of victimization but you also know his incaceration is not commesurate to those crimes he commited. A lot of people died due to his actions and many are still grieving. We should not wish him freedom out of sentiments but if he is found innocent he should be free.
Comment by Akhabue on December 23, 2010 at 8:48pm
Dear Kabiru Kabo,
Compliments of the season.
I agree with you that the Major should be released. I hope that the Major will be free to spend the season of Christmas and New Year with his family (Matthew 5:43-48).
But the detention/punishment of the "young man" and other similar politicians or government officials since 1960 should serve as a lesson to all Nigerians who seem to enjoy oppressing their fellow human beings (Matthew 7:12 , NKJV: "Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.").
Unfortunately for him, a former Commander-in-Chief who was detained (and maltreated?) was released to become Head of State again. To further compound the problem of the Major, the brother of a former Chief of Staff who died in detention became the next President.
Perhaps it is a good thing that the Major has suffered on Earth, like Apostle Paul, the same persecution that was visited on real or imagined opponents of the government that kept him in the "corridors of power". It is my prayer that the Ultimate Judge, our FATHER in Heaven, will "forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil." (JESUS).
I advise him to go through the history of the first coup and the subsequent coups in Nigeria including the civil war. He will find out for himself what happened to those who went about killing, detaining or maltreating politicians, senior officers, colleagues, subordinates and civilians.
Best wishes from
A fellow Nigerian.
Comment by kabiru kabo on December 23, 2010 at 5:45pm
@Chris Ndu, My brother, I am just trying to flash some light on a typical Millitary example. You have a point in what you are saying. Millitary dey somehow my dear. In war, in coup and in services. The are soldiers and are made to obey the last order. 99% loyalty is no loyalty in the army. Loyalty means 100%! Its a very complex issue. It better we all as Nigerians start discussing these things to shed light on some hidden issues our Leadershipship class hide from us. I pray he gets release so that the Mum can be happy again. He lost the father last three years and we all hope the Mum and the wife can at least be with him soon. 12yrs awaiting trial is evil. Justice delayed is justice denied.
Comment by chris Ndu on December 23, 2010 at 5:31pm

the Murtala Muhammed issue could be excused as it war during the war.Mustapha is not just a major he is incharge of security operations.dont get me wrong,i want a fair trial for anybody accused of anything.if he is not guilty he should be released without delay.

Comment by kabiru kabo on December 23, 2010 at 4:02am

@Chris Ndu. I am not too Young a man. I started reading news papers in the early eighties and so I think I am old enough. Millitary life is far different from Civilian life. Let me give you some instances. If Nigerians especially People from Anioma in Delta state view Murtala Mohammed as a bad man and not consider him a good soldier, they will not even use the 20Naira currency which MM is printed on. Murtala Lead a Squad that killed all male people they could meet in Anioma Area of Delta state during the war after the Naija bridge was bombed.

I do not hide the fact that Abacha regime was a brutal dictatorship but then why will the NIGERIAN POLITICAL CABAL try to convince us that ABACHA and all the Generals were taking order from a Major(Hamza). My dear, I have followed this for many many years. I know how far the have gone in torturing this guys to make them accept things on the table. I wish we can talk more because, If u get to know the details, you will join us to call for a free Hamza Al Mustapha.

Comment by chris Ndu on December 22, 2010 at 11:42pm

In democracy there is no room for detention without trial.Detaining one for a long time is wrong no matter who they are.but reading this article.i wonder how old the writer is.and any suggestion that Hamza Mustafa is a very good soldier serving his country and have done nothing wrong is absolute nonsense.he is the chief security officer of the most brutal regime in Nigeria history and u want us to beleive he knows nothing about the death of Kudirat Abiola,u want justice now.where are u when Obasanjo,A.K Adisa,Olarenwaju,Diya and many more were locked up and ur Mustapha has no hands in them.i beleive in justice and rule of law.if he is found guilty let him pay the price.if not he should be released.

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