oyola does not recommend any particular books, courses etc. to prepare for the exam; as the purpose of the exam is to give a realistic view of an applicant's academic abilities. The exam is not meant to put undue stress on the applicant.
The entrance exam is only one of many criteria the Admissions Committee uses to evaluate an applicant's file and is NOT the primary criterion. It does, however, provide the only common basis for academic evaluation among applicants and, by experience, does provide an accurate measure for the minimum necessary to handle Loyola's curriculum.
Over the years, City Tutors has demonstrated excellence in preparing students for Loyola Jesuit Entrance examination with 100% performance.
Our methodologies are clear and distinct with world class standard teaching approach.
Visit Us today:
Suite 22, POWA plaza, Garki business District, Abuja Nigeria
Tel: 080-3753-1249, 080-9354-6555

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