Playing love games with your partner is a really great way of keeping the spark burning in your relationship. As well as being a fun and exciting way of being more intimate together it is also a great method for getting to know one another even better. There are lots of romantic love games that you can play with your lover. Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Roll the dice

Find two dice from an old board game you may have and stick plain white self-adhesive labels to each of their sides. On one dice write on words that describe parts of the body, like ‘lips’, ‘toes’, ‘neck’. On the other dice write that describe intimate actions like ‘nibble’, ‘kiss’, ‘massage’. Then simply dim the lights, snuggle up, and roll the dice. Take turns to carry out the actions that the dice suggest with your lover, for example ‘massage’ their ‘neck’.

Easy as ABC

For a bit of romantic fun with your partner why not try playing the alphabet love game. Starting with the letter ’A’ simply take turns to name a body part that begins with that letter. As one person names the body part, for example ‘arm’, the other gets to choose what they do to that part of their lover’s body. You could easily add your own rules to make the game even more romantic, including penalties or forfeits if your lover can’t think of a body part beginning with a particular letter.

Taste sensation Why not take the time to plan your romantic love game ahead of time and take a trip to the grocery store. Pick up a range of your lover’s most favourite romantic foods and store them away secretly until you are ready to play. When the time is right surprise your lover by getting them comfortable and blindfolding them. Let your lover sample the foods one by one and asking them to guess what the foods are, for example strawberries, chocolate ice-cream etc. For every right answer your lover gives you have to do something special for them, and for every wrong answer they give your lover has to do something special for you instead!

Three wishes

If you want to play a love game that lasts all evening why not play a special game called "the three wishes date night". The rules are very simple in this romantic game. Basically you and your lover set an evening aside where you will be completely alone and free to enjoy one another’s company without interruption. For that one night one of you gets granted three wishes and the other lover must do their best to make those wishes come true. The wish requests can be as romantic or as adventurous as you like, from requesting a special dinner menu, to a relaxing foot massage pamper session, or whatever else you may care to ask for. Just remember that this romantic love game is best if both partners will enjoy granting the wishes. And one last point... for this love game to be most successful make sure that a second date night is arranged so that the ‘three wish’ favour can be returned

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