Army: Investigations reveal more lopsided postings

CONTRARY to the denials by the military authorities that stories of lopsided postings were unfounded, further investigations have confirmed uneven postings among officers from different parts of the country. Investigations show that the North-West is far more favoured while the North-East equally benefits more than other geopolitical zones in the allocation of command positions in the army.

For instance, the 9th Brigade is headed by Brigadier General S. N. Muazu from Katsina State.

The 65th Battalion is commanded by Lt. Col. Biu, who is from Borno State.

The command of the 81st Brigade also came under scrutiny during our investigations.

It was discovered that Colonel O.A Taiwo, who hails from one of the South-West states, commanded the Brigade for less than three months before he was replaced by Colonel Aliyu, who had just returned from a training programme in India.

The 65th battalion is in control of operations at Owode, Ojoo and Ikeja axis of Lagos.

A source said that it could not be by accident that top command positions in the military had been going to officers from a particular zone.

“It is not a question of causing hatred or creating tension among the ethnic groups of the country but a constitutional matter that has to do with fairness and justice,” a source said.

The source further posed the question: “Is it an accident or coincidence that the National Security Adviser (NSA), the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), the Chief of Defence Intelligence and the Commander Brigade of Guards are all from Kano/Katsina axis?”

Earlier report published in the Nigerian Tribune had indicated that officers of the North-West and a few from the North-East were favoured in Command positions.

The report indicated that some of the recent postings included Brigadier-General Ram Mustapha(Guards Brigade), from Kano State, Lt. Col. M Musa Gar, Commander, Guards Brigade, Abuja, from Kano State; Lt. Col. U. T Musa, Commander, 4th Guards Brigade, Abuja, from Borno State.

There is also Brig. Gen. Muazu, Commander, 9th Brigade, from Katsina State, while Brig. Gen. Minimah, regarded as a professional officer was moved to Defence Headquarters, as staff officer, the Commander of Artillery Corps, who is described as another professional soldier, was recently retired.

But the Director of Army Public Relations, Brig. Gen. A.C Olukolade, said that the reports were false and an undue generalisation of the situation in two departments of the army.

He said: “Indeed, the Army considers it most unfortunate that whereas the report ostensibly covered the entire Nigerian Army, it only focused on Guards Brigade and the Joint Task Force in the Niger Delta.

“The Nigerian Army seizes this opportunity to reassure the Nigerian public that it has clearly discernible guidelines for postings, which it follows in carrying out such exercise. It has to be noted that professionalism and merit, among other considerations, are normally taken into account.”

The purpose of this write-up is lost to me.

Every body knows that like America is to the world, the Hausa/Fulani is to Nigeria.

They have been mandated by Allah, to oversee the affairs of this country and to ensure that those violent Ibo men do not cause unnecessary havoc via their un-provoked aggression and that the lackadaisical Yorubas do not compromise our sovereignty whilst busy attending their owambe parties.

Who then in his right senses can fail to appreciate why the North has for the benefit of us all, held on to these important positions for this length of time.

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