Reading through the Nigerian newsmedia, one can see long queues of Nigerians standing in the scorching sun to perform their civic responsibility of voting in an election. Without doubt many are voting for the first time in their life,while others believe that their vote won't really make any difference. Last saturday's election can be described as an acceptable election because there was some minor hitches here and there, we hope today's election will be an improvement from the previous one. The winners of these elections no matter at what level of government they're elected should not make these men and women who abandoned their daily activity to vote for them to regret their votes.The Nigerian political class should seize this golden opportunity to reconcile with the population by doing the right thing, thereby turning their back against every corrupt and mischievous tendencies. The politicians who have been ruling Nigeria are aware that the masses do not see them as 'fellow Nigerians' because they don't seem to be living in the same country.The living standard of political officials and that of the ordinary Nigerian is a world apart. THIS MUST STOP! As Nigerians vote today, they expect a turnaround in their lives,all their hopes and aspirations lie in those pieces of paper they drop into the ballot boxes. The winners and losers of these elections should realise that Nigeria needs everybody, if we unite our collective efforts in truth and faith, no mountain can stand in our way as one people. The survival of Nigeria rests in the hands of the ruling class. Nigerian politicians should not dash the hopes in the faces of these people standing in lines for hours!

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