#ANGELS: Almighty Father we are tired of these Nigerians in heaven!

#GOD: What have they done this time?

#ANGELS: everything! They don't listen to instructions! They don't obey traffic rules, they don't wait for their turn in anything.! They are reckless!(exasp erated) In fact, they have turned heaven upside down since the first time we started admitting them.

#GOD: Pls bear with them. They are very special to me...ehm
let me call satan in hell to see how he's doing. (phone rings) hell-o lucifer how are things over there?..

#SATAN: Dear God pls call me later. There's an issue i'm trying to resolve.

(ten minutes later)

#GOD: hell-o lucifer
SATAN: I'll call you back. The issue has turned into a crisis.

#SATAN; (one hour later)sorry Boss GOD.

#GOD: lucifer are you having problems over there?

#SATAN: it is these Nigerians i have with mein hell. They
(stammers) they.. they....they have quenched the fire in hell and have installed air conditioners.!! some of them even have corn to make popcorn with my fire.....

Good morning friends
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