List of Key Questions for High Schools

When exploring the various schools to which your child may attend as they approach high school, you may quickly get overwhelmed by the vast number of options. To filter out the schools that are either undesirable or unreasonable for your child and family situation, here is a list of question that you should ask before making any lasting commitments:

What is the Location of the School?

You may find the very best athletic high school in New York. However, if the school is not near you (or is essentially on the other side of the state), then it is clearly not the “best” school for you. Make sure that you examine the location and proximity of the school to your home.

What is the Quality Level of the Instruction?

The quality of your child’s education should be a top priority – especially since their high school education will build a solid foundation for how they will approach their college education. Perhaps that is why many parents choose schools such as Archbishop Molloy High School. With the accreditation and accolades that Molly High School has accumulated in recent years, it makes perfect sense why their student body continues to grow year after year.

What is the Tuition and Other Related Expenses?

If you want to invest in a private high school education for your child, then the tuition cost and other related expenses must be factored into the equation. Keep in mind that the tuition is an annual expense. The last thing you want is to discourage your child’s mentality by forcing them to transfer to a new school in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of high school just because you had not budgeted your household finances appropriately. Once again, the key is to find the best high school for you and your family needs. Whether it is the best athletic high school in New York to other parents, students and critics should not matter when it comes to the needs, expectations and limitations of your family.

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