Liposuction for Removal of Excessive Fat from Patient’s Body for Weight Loss

Controlling weight in a desired proportion with our height and age is a tedious task for many people that fall prey to obesity. Due to lack of regular exercise, unhealthy diet, genetic disorders and some other issues some people put up so much of weight that becomes irreversible by conventional methods for weight loss such as exercise and dieting.

There are some medications that claim to regularize our metabolism in such a way that would lead to weight loss and no further gain in weight. The results of these medications and supplements vary person to person and depend on the anatomy of the person to accept them.

Cosmetic surgery called liposuction can be a surgical remedy to this issue. Liposuction in India is offered by expert and experienced cosmetic surgeons that are well versed with various techniques and procedures to remove fat deposits from various parts of patient’s body for weight loss and getting them a better body contour in appropriate proportion with each other.

Surgeons administer general anesthesia before this surgery so that the patient would feel drowsy and would be insensitive for pains during the surgery. There are many methods or procedures that a surgeon can use to remove fat deposits from the patient’s body.

  • After taking smaller incisions surgeons insert thin hollow tube called as cannula in the fat deposits and move it to and fro in a controlled manner to loosen and break the fat deposits gradually.
  • Instead of cannula surgeons can use ultrasonic sound frequencies for vibration and loosening of fat deposits.
  • Surgeons can also use laser rays to break the fat and loosen it for making it easy to remove.
  • They use large syringe or a suction pump to remove the fat depositions from patient’s body after loosening it.

Liposuction cost depends mainly on experience and expertise of surgeon, location of his clinic, anesthesia charges, charges for usage of hospital and equipment and prescribed medication for pain relief and healing.

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