What are the purposes of human presence on earth, and what credit does life present to human?. walking the streets everyday, i can't stop asking myself question as i watch and observes how bussy human engage themselves just to maintain life. What is the purpose of God in creates human. As far as am concern, i do not see the purpose. The bible say to whorship Him, worship Him in what way, i just don't see the purpose of life or God's accomplishment in human creation if you believe in creation. whenever i walk in the hospital wards with human fighting for their lives some on vegetative states kept alive by machine, you just can't imagine what life is all about. Rich or poor, what is the next goal. Some may say, "because you have nothing" but if am the richest person on earth, eat the best food, wear the best clothe, travel to the best places on earth, lives in the best house imaginable. Is that the purpose of life?. To me, human presence of earth is worthless and meaningless. It is nothing, but a fruitless efforts that ends expectedly or tragically in dead. Life i believe should have a better purpose than just live and die.

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