Life is a stage and we are all actors and actresses with different parts to play.

The script has been written with time appointed to every scene and every part well defined by the Master Writer. As soon as you conclude your own part you will take a bow and exit the stage.

Death is not a tragedy, rather it is victory for those who followed the script and played their own part before leaving the stage because after this life of illusion is reality.

But death is a tragedy for those who failed to play their own part before leaving the stage because the Master awaits such with a frown and a very long whip.

Father! My earnest prayer is that You help me that I will always be where I ought to be doing what I should be doing it so that when the time comes for me to take my exit I will gallantly take a bow and leave the stage with a smile on my face knowing well that my Father awaits me with a “welcome Faithful servant, enter into the bosom of your Master”

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