Life After Adultery - How To Stop The Negative Thoughts

"After 15 years of this marriage, I find she's having an Obsession Phrases affair with this character she knew in high school. As if it isn't bad enough to think you're happily married all this time. Then to be hit with a broadside like this. I'd love to be happy again like I was, or thought I was. "But how am I supposed to penetrate this...this darkness or think things will start to improve She swears it's over, but is it She's played me for a right fool once. Why not again" So what do you do after adultery.

Is the other guy smarter than me Better looking What does he have that I don't Is it because I gained a few pounds,Did I spend too much time with the kids and not enough time with my husband. And so, in your desperation to find answers, your thoughts enter a loop. They create images, spark questions, one leading to another, which can invade all your waking moments and even invade your dreams. The idea of sitting down with your spouse and talking out the whole problem is an excellent one. This is the best way to handle matters after adultery.

The problem is, though, that the one who's been cheated simply can't bear to hear any more about the affair. It sickens them. Either/or the one who's the cheater is just too ashamed to confront their spouse and talk it all out. So this next part can work equally well for both parties. However, before going any further, I've never been a believer in this business of sweeping it all under the rug. Yes, there are ways of quieting both your minds, but the truth of the matter is that one of you had an affair which has severely impacted on your marriage, leaving one person badly hurt. Still, if one or both refuses to sit down and face the situation head-on, then other means must be attempted to help you both recover. 

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