Action speaks louder than voice ! The people of Northern Nigeria ,in short Hausa/Fulani ,have repeatedly shown the people of Southern Nigeria that they (southerners) are not needed in the north.But southerners would not listen.So a foreigner is treated as a foreigner in a foreign country(region).If you must stay in a foreign country be ready to bear the consequences,including loosing your house,family and life...When the situation has gotten to the extent that if Buhari looses election,Ibo man"s shop must burn and churches(including fada) must burn then.!!!..Wetin concern spare part shop and alter with politics ?

Initially the Yoruba thought they were neutral or in the good books of Hausa/Fulani and so were enjoying the sight of Ibos being slaughtered,but alas the scenerio has changed...nyamiri is Yoruba,Ibo,Ogoni,Ijaw,Urhobo,Igalla,Igbira,Efik,Ibibio,Ikwerre,Edo etc 

Lets beat a retreat and everybody should go back to his/village...and so THERE WILL BE NO ENEMIES TO FIGHT JONATHAN

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