Few days ago, former president of Nigeria- Chief Olusegun Obasanjo spoke on the unacceptable jumbo pay of members of the National Assembly just like people like me and other eminent Nigerians have spoken about this same issue in recent past. How do we justify an annual remuneration of N250 million for a single senator in a country where our per capital income shamefully remains a meager $ 1, 142. Record even showed that the American president don’t receive this amount in a year. How do we justify this pay when our professors, judges, medical doctors, Accountants, Engineers and other professionals don’t take anything near this outrageous amount? This is responsible for the “do or die” posture of our politicians when they’re jostling for an elective/political post in the country. They are ready to kill and to maim.

One senator Roland Owie even dare to respond unintelligently and rather than defend and justify why they’re entitle to such pay, he was only vilifying Obasanjo leaving the issue unaddressed. Shame on him and other senators like him.

If there is any impediment to our growth and development as a nation, it is all these looters who I refuse to call my leaders. I am sure millions of Nigerians share this view with me. I see them as people holding this great country down. We should just think of what the total of N250 million times the number of senators in both the upper and lower chamber of the Assembly will give us.

The result is massive.

These are money we ought to direct to provision of infrastructures, job creation, education and equipping our hospitals. I feel the present government is not doing enough in fighting corruption in the country. Record shows that countries where corruption strives, doom is always the end result obtainable in such country. If corruption must be fought and won, it must start with the executive, the legislature under which we have the national assembly till it comes down the ladder to the common police officers on the streets.

Let’s not deceive ourselves, we can never make any meaningful progress as a nation until we fight these monsters who calls themselves senators hands- down before we could move forward as people and as a nation. Millions of graduates (both baked and half baked) roam the street daily looking for unavailable job in the already saturated job market yet we want a stop to social vices like Armed robbery, kidnapping, 419 etc. We are simply jokers.

Need I remind President Jonathan that he is dealing with vultures? He needs to hit the ground running like Governor Babatunde Fashola by doing the needful for the nation. Empower EFCC, ICPC and other financial crime commissions to fight corruption to a stand-still. Me and several millions of Nigerians are on self exile because you guys forced us out of Nigeria because we could no longer survive and live decent life and we do not want to banquette to our kids the same ugly legacy.

As a matter of urgency, these salaries and allowances needs to be prune down considerably. We don’t want to belief they deliberately refuse to pass the FOI bill so that we don’t get to know all their atrocities. When shall we not know? The way Nigeria is at the moment, we are more or less sitting on a time bomb ready to explode at anytime soon if urgent necessary actions are not taken.

God bless Nigeria.

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