The median nerve ailment known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is named after the carpal tunnel, Arctic Blast Review a small tunnel of ligaments, tendons, bones and nerves in the wrist, which the median nerve passes through as it travels from the forearm to the hand. A diagnosis of CTS is made when pain, numbness and weakness through the wrist, hand or forearm results from the constriction of the median nerve in this area.

You may be under the common misconception that frequent computer users suffer more often from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. In fact, there is absolutely no greater risk with even very frequent computer use. Cleaning, sewing, meatpacking, manufacturing and other assembly line jobs are actually far more risky in terms of developing CTS. It also happens that women are 3 times more susceptible to CTS than men are.

Individuals with CTS, over their lifetimes, lose and average of $30,000 in medical bills and missed work. Among work-related injuries or conditions, this makes it one of the most expensive.

Signs of CTS

Median nerve compression is far more likely in those that have carpal tunnels of below-average size. An injury to the wrist can also cause CTS, due to hypothyroidism, inflammatory arthritis, and swelling, as can fluid retention in the wrist joint, ergonomics on the job, or the persistent use of vibrating hand tools, all of which can result in mechanical problems in the wrist.

One of the first signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome might be a slight tingle in the fingers. Swollen fingers, weak grip, having difficulty in forming a fist, insensitivity to differences between hot and cold, and prolonged feeling of tingling in the hand are all examples of more advanced symptoms.

Discovering CTS

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, your chiropractor can offer a definitive Carpal Tunnel Syndrome diagnostic. The earlier you successfully diagnose CTS, the less damage it will cause in the long run. Your chiropractic practitioner can also inform you as to the root of your problem - whether it be daily habits or an underlying condition.

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