Folks, believe it or not, I have spent thousands of naira purchasing one e-book or the other claiming to reveal the secrets of making money online. After reading e-books upon e-books, I finally came to the realisation that those who claimed to be online money making gurus were just mere opportunists feeding off my desire to become financially self sufficient. Some of them were more inexperienced than me. While I did not become financially self sufficient, I learnt one valuable lesson that really opened my eyes. That lesson was that success comes from perseverance and access to authentic knowledge applied with wisdom.

Folks, making money online is not rocket science and just entails common sense and of course – ACCESS TO CORRECT INFORMATION. Information is a thing a lot of thing people pay for which is actually free and readily available if one is willing to go through the strains of finding out. However, if you want to cut the chase and take the short cut, then you should be ready and willing to pay for the information you so desire. But do not get jilted into paying anything from ₦3,000 upwards in the name of empowering yourself with info that will teach you how to make money online.

• Are you aware that companies like yahoo, google, twitter etc have clocked billions of dollars and to top it off the do not sell anything to their users. The true secret is in the traffic and publicity they bring in which attracts advertisers to spend heavy amounts in the name of advertising on their sites.
• Are you also aware that there are some few intelligent Nigerians who are quietly earning a decent living from the internet? Below are a few things they do to achieve this status:
1. Blogging
2. Generating money from youtube
3. writing articles and content for organisations globally that pay them in dollars
4. Affiliate marketing
5. distributing free goods and services to generate potential sales
6. Exploiting the potentials of social networking (facebook, twitter, hi 5, bebo etc)

Does that sound like something you could do? Well guess what – you absolutely can if you set your mind to it. If you are interested in finding out more visit http://elekcybersolutions.wordpress.com

Cheers and wishing you mega success

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