League of Legends Will Disable All Chat in Patch 11.21

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Based on what players said and their feedback in the past few years, Riot has made a decision that they will remove a longtime feature in League of Legends matchmade queues – all chat to combat toxicity and reduce verbal abuse.


All chat feature allows players on both teams to communicate with each other, which can be our source of fun, but on the other hand, this can also lead to toxic behavior. Riot evaluated that negative interactions now outweigh the positives, so they have made this decision. The disabling will remain at least a few patches, during which time Riot will test players’ responses to this removal.


But we can still use team chat feature, for communication between teammates plays an important role in team coordination, even though it can also be a source of abuse. Besides, emotes and champion masteries, as well as "CTRL+1/2/3/4 spam, will still be enabled, and End of Game chat will still be cross-team.


This change is set to go live in League of Legends 11.21 sometime next week.


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